Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Kick-Off!!

Welcome to the New Age,

     Hey there. My name's TEX. I've been a member over at for for several years now. I have been showing off my back issue buys over there, and more recently, I've gone ahead and committed to starting a thread that reviews new and new(ish) comics...For better or for worse.

    I'm no trained comics reviewer. I'm just a guy who has loved comics for some time; I'm a guy who loves to share that passion with like-minded people.

   Are you like-minded people?

   I hope so. Wanna see something cool?

It's my copy of The Brave and the Bold #28, featuring the 1st app of the Justice League of America! Printed in 1960, this is the first major Silver-Age superhero team! That's right - before the Marvel Age, before the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and the Avengers, there was the dawn of justice! This comic features the 1st app of Starro the Conqueror and that crazy teenage superhero super-fan, Snapper Carr!!

  FUN FACT: This marks the very first time that Aquaman was ever featured on a cover!

  FUN FACT 2: A few years ago, at SDCC, a collection of action-figures were arranged and boxed to recreate this CLASSIC cover. Check out mine:

Cool, right?

   I'm so happy to have both of these in my collection. In the coming years we spend together, I will happily show you all more of my collection, which includes action figures, comics from every era, signatures and even original and published art!!

  Come back next time, and we'll delve into some cool new comics as well.

  Same TEX-time. Same TEX-station!!