Monday, February 29, 2016

Godzilla in Hell TPB (IDW) Review

Godzilla in Hell TPB (IDW)

Reprints the awesome mini series that came out late last year & is a must for fans of the King of Monsters. Not a word is spoken until the last pages where a quote from Buddha is written for the fans to drool over!
The story & artwork (James Stokoe) is inspired by the great fantasy artists of the 17th - 18th century.
IDW has some nice bio's of them in the back of the book. A sweet cover gallery of some talented artist that did the variant covers for the series.

Even if your not a fan of Godzilla you will be after this, Go out & get it...You won't regret it.

Rating 10/10

IDW has a new series coming out called Godzilla: Oblivion. Is based on a Kaiju version of the Butterfly Effect...Oh my i can't wait!

Lucifer #3 (DC/Vertigo)

Oh my goodness! Back to the old days with this title. It is one serious book indeed.
God is dead & Lucifer has been stabbed with a sharp object (that is slowing killing him) He thinks it also killed his maker. In his effort to track down information he travels to the dream world, where he is confronted by a crow with a message from the boss (Dream of the Endless) Lucifer is to have a nice visit...But if he want an audience with dream then the crow is to lead him around in circles for a thousand years.
He finds the beautiful Lilith & asks of a possible object that could do such damage. She says yes! & goes on to tell the legend of Azazel.

Great artwork by Lee Garbett & Wow what writing by Holly Black. Just a damn fine book & a pleasure to read.

This is a very adult book by Vertigo, God fearing folks stay away! Like i said, "the old days are all coming back".

Rating 10/10

I deliberately missed mentioning the side story in these last 3 issues, I can't say what is happening as it's to inappropriate to mention. Only Lucifer himself can stop this evil!

Power-Man and Iron-fist #1 (Marvel)

Well it all starts with the cover...It does not sing a sweet tune!
The artwork is O.k. in parts but is a very tired in others.. That's until i saw Tombstone drawn like he had bloated fish lips (don't mess with one of my favorite villains Marvel).

The story isn't much better i'm afraid, Has the boys sorta training, Sorta talking to friends, Sorta getting back together & sorta walking around...Zzzzz... What.. Ahem. Sorry i fell asleep there.
They meet & greet Tombstone where a fight ensues & Luke Cage one punches Tombstone out of the building. They find a gem that was stolen & yeah!

Sorry this was a huge missed opportunity from the Marvel crew, It could have been a hell of a lot better. The colours are terrible, It looks & reads like it's been done on the cheap. The heading on the cover is stiff & has no character, If your a fan then go for it. It may get better i hope, I don't think i'll be getting anymore soon.

Rating 6.5/10

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cyborg #6 and #7 Review

Cyborg #6 and #7 from DC Comics -

    The Justice League has fallen and the Earth is on the brink of total assimilation by a  universe-hopping, alien threat called the Technosapiens. The Technosapiens are organic beings taken over by a parasite-like alien technology. They have decimated planets, ended entire universes in search of the missing link to perfect their hardware and software; they seek the savior whose song promises perfection. Cyborg is that savior. His alien tech calls to them, and to his horror, they will stop at nothing to assimilate him, body and soul. All that remains between them and total domination is Cyborg and his rag-tag resistance - group which includes the Metal Men, sans Will Magnus, who has already been absorbed by the Technosapiens. Struggling with his own identity, his connection to this alien threat, the frightening evolution of his tech, and his feeling of disconnection to his fellow humans, Cyborg risks everything to save his universe and his very soul. 

   David F. Walker has hit a great tone with this series. Cyborg is not really a superhero comic, it is a character study with huge elements of sci-fi and fantasy. Walker has approached this from a similar perspective as Bendis did in Ultimate Spider-Man, first we get to know the protagonist - his struggles, his fears, his pain, his life, his friends, his world - and then we watch it all bend, give and push back when super-powers are added to the mix. It's a slow burn, but it is very worth it. Even if it can be dramatic, or even slow at times, the reader gets to know Cyborg as a person and not just a superhero. This Cyborg is much more real than any iteration before it. He struggles with the lines blurred between man and machine, how the world perceives him, and how he perceives himself. He has to navigate and having an emotionally distant father, the grief of his mother's tragic demise, the loss of his own identity, loneliness, and his link to a universe-destroying, technology-based life-form. The kid has a lot on his plate. Walker scripts it all very well; however, there are a few hiccups, like the rushed feel of the end of the Technosapien story arc in issue #6. Overall, it is a really good Cyborg volume with stellar artwork and vibrant colors - it is a solid, engrossing offering from DC.

RATING: 8.5 out of 10

Thanks for reading 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Justice League 3001 #7 and #8 Review

Justice League 3001 #7 and #8 from DC Comics - 

    The Justice League is dead. Again. Almost a thousand years ago, the Justice League was destroyed by a deranged Lois Lane. Almost two years ago, they were resurrected - kind of. Genetically engineered samples of their DNA were injected into various subjects, making these volunteers host bodies for the minds and powers of the long dead legends - kind of. Now, a deadly, new threat, The Lord of All, Lady Styx, has taken over the entire galaxy with the aid of her nearly unstoppable android army called the Scullions. In her first overt act to take the galaxy, she had her androids seek out and decimate the League's most powerful: Superman, Batman and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). Remaining are Fire and Ice, survivors of the original JL, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Guy Gardner in a woman's body), and the Flash - all genetically-engineered hosts...And there is Supergirl, the real Kara Zor-El who awakened in a future world she doesn't understand, and doesn't like. At all. These survivors are joined by Tina Sung, the Batgirl, brilliant descendant of Bruce Wayne. Outnumbered and overpowered, the survivors of the JL are hiding out on Takron Galtos, a prison planet once known as Earth. Emotionally scarred, and very scared, the League lives under the radar, seeking a way to defeat  Lady Styx and her army of invincible Scullions, all while looking for Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, two more time-misplaced originals, who are hiding out somewhere on Takron Galtos as well. Will they overcome their pain and fear and topple this deranged galactic dictator, or will they fall by her hand...or by each other's hands? 

    Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis have consistently written this book well, easily making it one of the best books that DC is publishing today. It's also one of the most underrated. These writers are the masters of the tight story arc driven forward by great interpersonal and internal strife, stellar dialogue and pure zaniness and fun. This book has upended the future of the DCU, and slyly given us an all female Justice League in the process. This is simply great writing which throws everything we think we know about the DCU into a blender, making a sweet concoction of the exact same elements mixed totally in a new, original, and fresh way. So tasty. Our favorite heroes have returned in different bodies (sometimes of the opposite gender), only to die again - it looks like K.G, and J.D.M have effectively created a book not tied strictly to DCU canon, a book in which the story itself is the main focus, so no one is ever truly safe, and nothing is ever as you think it is going to be. Talk about exciting!

RATING: 10 out of 10. Justice League 3001 is CONSISTENTLY on fire, full of futuristic thrills and fun. 

Friday, February 26, 2016


Hello brothers!

    TEX is here on the wheels of steel!

    I'm sorry about the scarce updates as of late, but as the school year begins to reach its crescendo, ol' TEX has to be available wherever and whenever the students and the parents need him. But don't you fret, no siree. I'll do my dadgum best to get on here for you guys, and be your HOST WITH THE MOST!

    Today, let's talk about a comic based on the best and bravest that the U.S. Army has to offer:

    It's my copy of Tod Holton, Super Green Beret #1, the first appearance of Tod Holton, Super Green Beret. Also pictured is my issue #2, both from the now-defunct Lightning Comics, published in 1967!!

    Tod Holton is a boy of about ten years old, gifted a magical green beret by his uncle, Captain Roger Wilson, a heroic Green Beret serving in late 60s Vietnam. Wilson rescued a monk which repaid him by bestowing a special blessing upon his green beret, a blessing which only revealed itself when Wilson gave the beret to his young nephew, Tod Holton, upon a visit stateside. When Tod donned the beret he was instantly transformed into The Super Green Beret, a magical, super-powerful (though not invulnerable) adult combat hero with the power to read thoughts at great distances, instantly transport himself anywhere and to any time to put boot to butt for the side of right in any war in history or the present. Tod had several exciting adventures, appearing only in two issues before Lightning Comics went the way of the dinosaurs.

   FUN FACT: If a child in combat sounds horrible, it'll make more sense to you after you know whose brainchild Tod Holton was. The Super Green Beret was created by the great Otto Binder, co-creator of another magical superhero (one much cooler and infinitely more famous) whose alter-ego was a child: Captain Marvel. The first one.

  FUN FACT #2: This character was probably inspired by The Ballad of the Green Berets, a song written by Robin Moore, an author who was the only civilian to complete the Q Course (Special Forces Qualification Course), and SSG Barry Sadler, a Green Beret who was wounded in Vietnam. This song was a hit, which was surprising considering that the 1960s wasn't a time in which soldiers were held in the highest of esteem. Take a listen:

This song was later used on the soundtrack of one of TEX's favorite John Wayne films: The Green Berets

Here is a clip from the heartbreaking ending:

   I have to admit, these stories, penned by Binder, are a lot of hokey fun - and Carl Pfuefer's pencils only add to the over-the-top goodness of these mystical military tales. I'll leave you with an example of Pfeufer's work:

   Go get 'em, Tod.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Earth 2 Society #8 and #9 Review

Earth 2: Society #8 and #9 from DC Comics -

     New Earth, same problems. A territorial dispute between two of the newly formed settlements of this new Earth is bringing the world to the brink of the first all-out war on the planet. Fossil fuels barely exist on this planet, and the scramble for resources has begun. In New Gotham, the lack of resources has given birth to a black market for a power cell built by Nimbus Solutions that is more dangerous than it is expensive. Batman (Dick Grayson) gears up to take on the corrupt corporation with the help of Red Arrow (Oliver Queen) and Ted Grant. Meanwhile, Superman (Val Zodd), Powergirl (Kara Zor-El), Flash (Jay Garrick), and Captain Steel (Henry Heywood, Jr.) try to keep the peace, look for natural resources, and fight the weird hybrid creatures popping up all over the planet causing havoc. Green Lantern (Alan Scott), the god-like protector of the planet seeks to create a planetary alliance, and cement it by writing the first planetary Constitution with the help of Red Tornado (Lois Lane). But none of this may matter much longer - Hawkgirl (Kendra Muñoz-Saunders) has stumbled upon the secret dwelling of the Amazons...And their leader, Fury (Wonder Woman's daughter), has already decided to unify the planet...Under Amazonian rule!

     This series just continues to enthrall and astound me. Around every corner there is a great new character, or a great old character in a new role. This is the DCU shaken, not stirred, and it makes for a smooth, sophisticated, immensely enjoyable refreshment. The foundation is set for new and exciting storylines and adventures the likes of which we have never seen before. Dan Abnett is on fire - every character's voice is unique, every motivation distinct - this is a masterclass in universe construction. And Jorge Jiménez's artwork? Full on gorgeous, bolstered by Alejandro Sanchez's lavish colors. I simply have to have it, month after month. 

RATING: 10 out of 10. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sam Wilson: Captain America #4, #5 and #6 Review

Sam Wilson: Captain America #4, #5, and #6 from Marvel Comics -

     The Serpent Society is back, and they are better and more dangerous than ever! Why? Because they've gone corporate! The Serpent Society is now Serpent Solutions, corporate problem-solvers who will increase your bottom line...By any means necessary. Led by Viper, more cunning and sophisticated than ever before, Serpent Solutions is growing quickly and bankrolling illegal bioengineering labs and other facilities all over the country run by old Hydra and A.I.M. scientists who still have a vision of world conquest. Cap takes them on and soon falls prey to one of their experiments...Witness the re-birth of...Cap Wolf! Teenager, Joaquin Torres, saved from the bioengineering facility by Cap and his crew, has been gene-spliced with Redwing, and now shares both a telepathic link with Cap...and Redwing's vampiric powers and power of flight! Cap turns to an old ally for more information about the Serpent Society - Diamondback - once Steve Rogers' heartthrob, later a failed superhero/mercenary, now an exotic dancer...But Diamondback has a secret of her own...A secret that could could put Cap and his team in striking distance of Serpent Solutions!

   This is one of the best current books I've seen from Marvel not written by Jonathan Hickman. Nick Spencer brings his awesome gift for dialogue, his sense of humor, and his uncanny ability to write great comics to this newest chapter in the life of Sam Wilson, Captain America. This time, Cap is the little guy, standing up to corporate corruption on an unimaginable scale, with little resources to do so. Spencer writes these books to be politically charged, yet not childishly idealistic - realism and maturity make a grand appearance. It left me thoughtful, saddened and hopeful. But it wasn't all serious: Spencer tosses in lots of laughs through great dialogue, social satire and absurdity that lets the reader know that Spencer hasn't taken the "comic" out of the comic book. If you don't chuckle as Spencer puts Sam through the ringer as Cap Wolf, then you need your funny bone examined. Acuña's art is stellar, as usual, but after he makes his exit, Renaud and Bennet maintain that flashiness that keeps the book popping. And Cap's team, Dennis Dunphy (D-Man), Misty Knight, and the brand-new Falcon, go together like PB&J. 

  I love this book. It's way more intelligent a read than you would think at first glance. WOW!

RATING: 10 out of 10.

Huck #2 and #3 review

Huck #2 and #3 from Image Comics -

     The cat's out of the bag. Diane Davis, newcomer to Huck's town has just revealed to the world his strange abilities. The sleepy little town has now been overrun by news media hounds, and people desperately seeking the help of the invulnerable man who can find anything. Unshaken by the revelation of his powers, Huck continues to do what he does best: finding lost things. A husband, a daughter, a brother, and even a dog - Huck doesn't let his new notoriety stop him from helping people. But Huck's big heart may soon put him in an sticky situation. A greedy politician seeks to take advantage of Huck's image. The military wants him as a weapon. And a long-lost relative, one it seems Huck couldn't find (or didn't want to?), who seemingly has similar powers, is about to re-enter Huck's life. Huck's simple world is about to get infinitely complicated.

     This book just shines from page to page. Mark Albuquerque's art is gorgeous and Millar's writing is tight and captivating. Huck is an amazing character, a wonderful throwback to that bygone Golden Age of comics fun. Each book builds and builds, like a crescendo in a symphony - you can feel the book advancing, and escalating page after page, issue after issue. I know it's going to get a little dark, and maybe a bit political; not to mention, the question looming with Huck's relative: Has Huck found his greatest ally, or his worst enemy?

  Huck is not to be missed.

RATING: 10 out of 10.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Batman Arkham Knight: Bat-girl/Harley Quinn #1(one shot)

Oh snap! This was a good read, Totally enjoyed it. Screw Robin...I want Bat-Girl as the side kick now Lol.
It's almost too good to say how she first came about, Very typical i suppose (she was wearing what i thought was a Batman outfit 5 sizes to big for her...including a The Incredible's style quote...Can you spot it).
Thought "What the ...." Then realized it was her, Bats was watching the whole thing unfold in the back ground (he wasn't impressed) & told her to stop it & burn the costume.

I wasn't as into the Harley Quinn part, Kinda over her. This could easily have been a solid Bat-girl book. HQ took a back seat as the goofy villain for Bat-Girl & we didn't learn anything more then we already know about her. Bat-Girl ruled in this book.

Rating 8/10 (good work DC, We need to see more of these)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Faith #1 Review

Faith #1 from Valiant Comics -

    Faith Herbert can fly. She is a psiot, a human born with amazing abilities. Formerly, she was with the Renegades, a group of powerful psiots with the mission of taking down Toyo Harada, the world's most powerful psiot, who was bent on remaking the world as he saw fit. Now, with the mission accomplished, Faith has moved to Van Nuys, California, taken on a new secret identify and rebooted her life in the image that she always wanted it...Kind of. By day, she the newest writer at a pop-culture news website, and by night, she's Zephyr, L.A.'s newest high-flying, plus-sized vigilante. When her friend @X, one of the world's best cyber vigilantes/hackers, gives her a lead of some missing potential psiots, Faith crosses path with a secretive group willing to sacrifice everything to keep what they are doing with the potential psiots shrouded in darkness. Faith is on her own, out of the nest - it's fly or die. 

   Jody Houser writes this engaging kick-off in this girl-powered sensation from Valiant Comics. Faith Herbert is just as sweet as pie, the kind of geek-girl you'd be lucky to hang out with - in a comic or in life. She takes it all in stride. Faith may seem flighty and happy-go-lucky, but underneath it all, she's trying to put it all together, adapt and deal with a painful past. She's got a stiff upper lip, a heart of gold, and big brass ones - Faith is a winner. The art by Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage is light, fun and saturated with deep colors that make this book pleasing to look at. And the big winner: this book is kid-safe, so my daughter and I could read it together. Kudos to Valiant for remembering that comics don't ALWAYS have to be dirty and gritty to be great. I dig this book - for my daughter, it's a no-brainer. She loves it. 

RATING: 8 out of 10

LIL' MISS TEX RATING: 9 out of 10. LIL' MISS TEX says, "This book shows that there can be female superheroes that are fully-clothed, and that superheroes that may be a bit on the heavier side can be just as helpful as those who look physically fit."

It looks like Faith has flown right onto our pull list.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Spider-Man #1 (Marvel) Miles Morales.

Well...I had no idea what to expect. Then i saw Black-heart (Mephisto's Son) in all his evil glory in a brilliant splash page & i thought "i think i'm gonna like this :)".

Basically Miles Morales goes through the same bull crap that Peter did when at school & his (this is different) Parents. Which is a pleasant surprise i might add!.

Artwork by Sara Pichelli Not bad...Not bad at all. Written by B.M. Bendis Wow his did a great job on the title that's for sure.
look forward to the next few issues.

Rating 9/10.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

What Are Some of Your Experiences With Comics Creators?

I have been collecting comics for over ten years now.

    And I have enjoyed nearly every minute of it. As a collector, I was enriched when I joined, where I met great fellow collectors who turned me on to other wonderful genres of comics (I used to be strictly a capes and spandex guy), the value of cataloguing your comics and their grades, and some of them gave me an in to comics creating - a glimpse at the inner workings of the industry I love so much. I have even brokered the use of a picture of Dick Giordano between Gary Groth and a prominent CPG member for Roy Thomas' fanzine, Alter Ego:

     It felt good to be able to correspond with some heroes and legends of the comics world. I have corresponded with Steve Mannion, Steve Niles, Tony Isabella, Tom Peyer, Jonathan Maberry, Jay Piscopo, Qing Pin Mui, Arturo Said, Kelley Jones, Nat Jones, J.M. DeMatteis, Jay Faerber, and I've even gotten a "thank you" note from the office of Stan Lee. Back in 2010, when Atlas Comics (Atlas/Seaboard) rebooted, I met and became friends with the grandson of the founder of Marvel Comics, Jason Goodman, and his partner, Brendan Deneen. Two amazing people. In fact, all of the people that I mentioned above (and some I've forgotten to mention) were very kind and very gracious. Just recently, Ales Kot, one of my favorite modern comics writers, sent me a very kind note thanking the for the review I did for his AMAZING tour de force, WOLF

   Reading comics, learning comics history, writing about comics, meeting other wonderful collectors, and meeting amazing comics creators are all things that have made my comics experience deep, wide and rich. 

   So, good or bad, what are some of your experiences with comics creators? Please share.

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Happy there!!!

    We are back again with the groove to make you move!

     Well, it seems like the Teen Titans Project over at TNT is officially a bust. TEX is sad... But Geoff Johns says that there may still be hope, so YAY!! I am looking forward to having another great DC TV show hitting the airwaves to help fill my already cluttered DVR. I love Marvel, but the DC TV shows are where it's at for me. Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Constantine (R.I.P.), iZombie, Legends of Tomorrow, and Lucifer  tip the scales on my watch-list, while Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter come trailing behind. I'll not see the second season Jessica Jones (not my cup of tea), and Daredevil, while it is a stellar show, doesn't get my engines running like Arrow, The Flash or Supergirl. And there is the Preacher TV series (from DC's Vertigo Imprint), on AMC that is running right up to the top of my list as my favorite comic-based show being produced. 

HAPPY EDIT: As of June of 2017, a Teen Titans live-action show is in the works to air in 2018, and "Young Justice is returning!!! YAAAAS!!!!

    In my humble opinion, if Marvel is the king of superhero films, DC is the undisputed champion of TV. Even speaking on animated films and TV shows, DC's product is more engrossing, beautifully rendered and pure fun, again, in my opinion. 

    But to each his or her own. I do not think one company is better than another, just that each company does certain things better than the other. I think that's all to it. 

   But while we wait, here's a fix of Teen Titans goodness from my personal collection:

It's my copy of The Brave and the Bold #54, published in 1964, featuring the very 1st appearance of the Teen Titans (Aqualad, Kid Flash and Robin). Aqualad, (Garth, the 1st Aqualad), Kid Flash and Robin unite to save a town from the sinister Mr. Twister!

FUN FACT 1: Along with Bob Haney, forgotten Italian artist, Bruno Premiani, co-created the Teen Titans. 

FUN FACT 2: These young heroes never referred to themselves as the Teen Titans in this comic.


It's The Brave and the Bold #60, published in 1965, featuring the 2d appearance of the Teen Titans and the first appearance of Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), who joins the team.

It's Showcase #59, featuring the 3d appearance of the Teen Titans. In this issue, the Titans take on Jack, Jill and Joe - hip, teenage crimesters known as The Flips. This is their first appearance. 

It's my copy of Teen Titans #1, published in 1966! The Teen Titans get their own comic!

FUN FACT 3: On Paradise Island, a male scribe is erroneously pictured in this issue. No dudes are allowed on Paradise Island!!

It's Teen Titans #2!! This comic features the first appearance of Titan's Lair. 

    And finally:

It's DC Comics Presents #26, published in 1980, featuring the first appearance of the modern Teen Titans. More specifically, it features the first appearances of Cyborg, Raven, Starfire (Koriand'r), and Titans Tower. Robin has a mysterious vision, a vision which reveals the coming of New Teen Titans!!

FUN FACT 4: Marv Wolfman and George Perez are the masterminds behind the modern Teen Titans. 

FUN FACT 5: Marv Wolfman, along with Len Wein, had actually been sort of blacklisted for writing a scathing Teen Titans story earlier that never saw the light of day. In the story, the first African-American superhero would have debuted in April of 1969, a few months before Marvel's Falcon would have debuted in September of the same year. You can read all bout it here: The Controversy of Teen Titans #20.

FUN FACT 6: There had been three DC Comics characters named Starfire before Koriand'r. The first was Russian superhero, Loenid Kovar, the first official Russian superhero in the DCU - he first appeared in Teen Titans #18 in 1968. He changed his name to Red Star. The second was the female leader of a ring of con-artist, and an enemy of Supergirl who first appeared in Adventure Comics #402 in 1971. The third was a bi-racial freedom fighter on a nameless planet, who first appeared in Starfire #1, published in 1976.

ENJOY!! And keep your fingers crossed for the success of the TV Teen Titans adaptation!!

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Old Man Logan #1

The artwork by Andrea Sorrentino is still nice to look at (it works well with a serious subject as Old Man Logan) & Jeff Lemire has done a good job in the writing department.
Basically Logan is still coming to grips with the new world he now lives in, A far cry from the war torn battle world he once struggled to survive on a day to day basis.
After evading the police he get's some clothes on & has a few flash backs of the
Logan can't believe his luck, He now has the opportunity to correct the mistakes that were made by some individuals that caused him so much pain & grief from his former world.

Logan soon tracks down the first one & sends him to his grave with no hesitation at all. He looks to see who's next on the list...Banner!
It's refreshing not to have Wolverine mentioned so much as the reader will soon realize that this is not him but a older wiser Logan who take's crap from no-one.
Next issue we see him up against the Hulk, One to look out for.

Parental Advisory
Rating 9/10.

P.S. This book sports a "Return of the Dark Knight" tribute, Done well to i might add!

Hellboy: Winter Special (Mignola variant).

Contains 4 short stories, 2 of which are Hellboy related & were fantastic reads. Involving processed snowmen (yes it was very entertaining, seeing snowmen throwing snowballs at Hellboy when he did not think it was a joke Lol).
Chinese ghosts who scare of miners because they want there century old bones returned to their home country.
I've read better from the Hellboy team, But i suppose one can't have a brilliant story every time.
For the fans only.

Rating 7.5/10.