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Happy there!!!

    We are back again with the groove to make you move!

     Well, it seems like the Teen Titans Project over at TNT is officially a bust. TEX is sad... But Geoff Johns says that there may still be hope, so YAY!! I am looking forward to having another great DC TV show hitting the airwaves to help fill my already cluttered DVR. I love Marvel, but the DC TV shows are where it's at for me. Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Constantine (R.I.P.), iZombie, Legends of Tomorrow, and Lucifer  tip the scales on my watch-list, while Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter come trailing behind. I'll not see the second season Jessica Jones (not my cup of tea), and Daredevil, while it is a stellar show, doesn't get my engines running like Arrow, The Flash or Supergirl. And there is the Preacher TV series (from DC's Vertigo Imprint), on AMC that is running right up to the top of my list as my favorite comic-based show being produced. 

HAPPY EDIT: As of June of 2017, a Teen Titans live-action show is in the works to air in 2018, and "Young Justice is returning!!! YAAAAS!!!!

    In my humble opinion, if Marvel is the king of superhero films, DC is the undisputed champion of TV. Even speaking on animated films and TV shows, DC's product is more engrossing, beautifully rendered and pure fun, again, in my opinion. 

    But to each his or her own. I do not think one company is better than another, just that each company does certain things better than the other. I think that's all to it. 

   But while we wait, here's a fix of Teen Titans goodness from my personal collection:

It's my copy of The Brave and the Bold #54, published in 1964, featuring the very 1st appearance of the Teen Titans (Aqualad, Kid Flash and Robin). Aqualad, (Garth, the 1st Aqualad), Kid Flash and Robin unite to save a town from the sinister Mr. Twister!

FUN FACT 1: Along with Bob Haney, forgotten Italian artist, Bruno Premiani, co-created the Teen Titans. 

FUN FACT 2: These young heroes never referred to themselves as the Teen Titans in this comic.


It's The Brave and the Bold #60, published in 1965, featuring the 2d appearance of the Teen Titans and the first appearance of Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), who joins the team.

It's Showcase #59, featuring the 3d appearance of the Teen Titans. In this issue, the Titans take on Jack, Jill and Joe - hip, teenage crimesters known as The Flips. This is their first appearance. 

It's my copy of Teen Titans #1, published in 1966! The Teen Titans get their own comic!

FUN FACT 3: On Paradise Island, a male scribe is erroneously pictured in this issue. No dudes are allowed on Paradise Island!!

It's Teen Titans #2!! This comic features the first appearance of Titan's Lair. 

    And finally:

It's DC Comics Presents #26, published in 1980, featuring the first appearance of the modern Teen Titans. More specifically, it features the first appearances of Cyborg, Raven, Starfire (Koriand'r), and Titans Tower. Robin has a mysterious vision, a vision which reveals the coming of New Teen Titans!!

FUN FACT 4: Marv Wolfman and George Perez are the masterminds behind the modern Teen Titans. 

FUN FACT 5: Marv Wolfman, along with Len Wein, had actually been sort of blacklisted for writing a scathing Teen Titans story earlier that never saw the light of day. In the story, the first African-American superhero would have debuted in April of 1969, a few months before Marvel's Falcon would have debuted in September of the same year. You can read all bout it here: The Controversy of Teen Titans #20.

FUN FACT 6: There had been three DC Comics characters named Starfire before Koriand'r. The first was Russian superhero, Loenid Kovar, the first official Russian superhero in the DCU - he first appeared in Teen Titans #18 in 1968. He changed his name to Red Star. The second was the female leader of a ring of con-artist, and an enemy of Supergirl who first appeared in Adventure Comics #402 in 1971. The third was a bi-racial freedom fighter on a nameless planet, who first appeared in Starfire #1, published in 1976.

ENJOY!! And keep your fingers crossed for the success of the TV Teen Titans adaptation!!

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  1. Nice old books there Tex!
    And sporting some crazy characters.

  2. Thanks Gil!!

    I love those Teen Titans!

  3. Those make me drool a little. I have a lesser grade #1 - don't have any of those other issues.

    1. Thank you Robbie!

      Nick Cardy's art makes it all worth the while!

  4. Nice set Tex, glad to see you back. Got some reading to catch up on!

  5. It's great to be be back, BC!

    Thank you!