Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Batman Arkham Knight: Bat-girl/Harley Quinn #1(one shot)

Oh snap! This was a good read, Totally enjoyed it. Screw Robin...I want Bat-Girl as the side kick now Lol.
It's almost too good to say how she first came about, Very typical i suppose (she was wearing what i thought was a Batman outfit 5 sizes to big for her...including a The Incredible's style quote...Can you spot it).
Thought "What the ...." Then realized it was her, Bats was watching the whole thing unfold in the back ground (he wasn't impressed) & told her to stop it & burn the costume.

I wasn't as into the Harley Quinn part, Kinda over her. This could easily have been a solid Bat-girl book. HQ took a back seat as the goofy villain for Bat-Girl & we didn't learn anything more then we already know about her. Bat-Girl ruled in this book.

Rating 8/10 (good work DC, We need to see more of these)

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  1. Very cool, Gil!!

    I totally missed that one. The cover looks SWEET.

    Thanks for minding the store while I catch my breath. The last 2 weeks have been NUTS.