Monday, February 29, 2016

Godzilla in Hell TPB (IDW) Review

Godzilla in Hell TPB (IDW)

Reprints the awesome mini series that came out late last year & is a must for fans of the King of Monsters. Not a word is spoken until the last pages where a quote from Buddha is written for the fans to drool over!
The story & artwork (James Stokoe) is inspired by the great fantasy artists of the 17th - 18th century.
IDW has some nice bio's of them in the back of the book. A sweet cover gallery of some talented artist that did the variant covers for the series.

Even if your not a fan of Godzilla you will be after this, Go out & get it...You won't regret it.

Rating 10/10

IDW has a new series coming out called Godzilla: Oblivion. Is based on a Kaiju version of the Butterfly Effect...Oh my i can't wait!


  1. SWEET!!

    I need to pick that up! Thanks Gil!

  2. Grab a beer & relax Tex, Fantastic stuff from IDW.