Monday, February 29, 2016

Lucifer #3 (DC/Vertigo)

Oh my goodness! Back to the old days with this title. It is one serious book indeed.
God is dead & Lucifer has been stabbed with a sharp object (that is slowing killing him) He thinks it also killed his maker. In his effort to track down information he travels to the dream world, where he is confronted by a crow with a message from the boss (Dream of the Endless) Lucifer is to have a nice visit...But if he want an audience with dream then the crow is to lead him around in circles for a thousand years.
He finds the beautiful Lilith & asks of a possible object that could do such damage. She says yes! & goes on to tell the legend of Azazel.

Great artwork by Lee Garbett & Wow what writing by Holly Black. Just a damn fine book & a pleasure to read.

This is a very adult book by Vertigo, God fearing folks stay away! Like i said, "the old days are all coming back".

Rating 10/10

I deliberately missed mentioning the side story in these last 3 issues, I can't say what is happening as it's to inappropriate to mention. Only Lucifer himself can stop this evil!


  1. Stellar review!

    I need to catch up on that one.

  2. It's a must Tex! I will get the first TPB of this as well.