Sunday, February 7, 2016

What Are Some of Your Experiences With Comics Creators?

I have been collecting comics for over ten years now.

    And I have enjoyed nearly every minute of it. As a collector, I was enriched when I joined, where I met great fellow collectors who turned me on to other wonderful genres of comics (I used to be strictly a capes and spandex guy), the value of cataloguing your comics and their grades, and some of them gave me an in to comics creating - a glimpse at the inner workings of the industry I love so much. I have even brokered the use of a picture of Dick Giordano between Gary Groth and a prominent CPG member for Roy Thomas' fanzine, Alter Ego:

     It felt good to be able to correspond with some heroes and legends of the comics world. I have corresponded with Steve Mannion, Steve Niles, Tony Isabella, Tom Peyer, Jonathan Maberry, Jay Piscopo, Qing Pin Mui, Arturo Said, Kelley Jones, Nat Jones, J.M. DeMatteis, Jay Faerber, and I've even gotten a "thank you" note from the office of Stan Lee. Back in 2010, when Atlas Comics (Atlas/Seaboard) rebooted, I met and became friends with the grandson of the founder of Marvel Comics, Jason Goodman, and his partner, Brendan Deneen. Two amazing people. In fact, all of the people that I mentioned above (and some I've forgotten to mention) were very kind and very gracious. Just recently, Ales Kot, one of my favorite modern comics writers, sent me a very kind note thanking the for the review I did for his AMAZING tour de force, WOLF

   Reading comics, learning comics history, writing about comics, meeting other wonderful collectors, and meeting amazing comics creators are all things that have made my comics experience deep, wide and rich. 

   So, good or bad, what are some of your experiences with comics creators? Please share.


  1. In high school, some friends made a road trip to Canada for our 1st multi-day con.

    I went to a panel (about 25-30 attendees) where Jim Shooter was talking about the new BIG THING that was coming soon... "New Universe"... It wasn't the big deal he said it would be :)

    Does that count?
    I haven't emailed any creators. Never really occured to me.

    1. Meeting Jim Shooter would be a BIG deal for me!

      And the New U was awesome...Until Marvel hijacked it. The White Event. Ugh. But Jonathan Hickman's White Event in the Marvel NOW! Universe rocks hard. It activates the planetary defense system AKA The Star Brand and things get cranked up to 11 quickly from there.

      I have never been to a comic-con. I envy you that. I will go someday - now they just seem to big, and bustle-y for me to feel overly comfortable there.

    2. I did lots of local one day cons in the late 80s/early 90s. On occasion, there'd be some pros signing, usually it was just longboxes of comics... Those were great fun. These days, they're too crowded and expensive for me. Now I get to hang out in the comic room and rewatch gigantic budget superhero movies by Disney and organize some stuff.

    3. I hear that.

      Just looking at the sea of people at the cons on TV makes me weary - yet, I'd be lying if I said that I would never go. It's something I need to do, at least once.

  2. I'm afraid i've never had any personal experiences with any comic book (person) in general.
    Tex you have no idea how lucky you are. I suppose being in Australia doesn't help but also my care factor dropped to zero for nearly 10 years at one point (as you well know of course).
    Ah! well...maybe one day at a "con" i'll met Frank Miller...

    1. Thanks, Gil.

      I hope you do get to meet Frank Miller one day. I really do.

      I've never met him, but I got a book signed by him. Lone Wolf and Cub.