Sunday, February 21, 2016

Huck #2 and #3 review

Huck #2 and #3 from Image Comics -

     The cat's out of the bag. Diane Davis, newcomer to Huck's town has just revealed to the world his strange abilities. The sleepy little town has now been overrun by news media hounds, and people desperately seeking the help of the invulnerable man who can find anything. Unshaken by the revelation of his powers, Huck continues to do what he does best: finding lost things. A husband, a daughter, a brother, and even a dog - Huck doesn't let his new notoriety stop him from helping people. But Huck's big heart may soon put him in an sticky situation. A greedy politician seeks to take advantage of Huck's image. The military wants him as a weapon. And a long-lost relative, one it seems Huck couldn't find (or didn't want to?), who seemingly has similar powers, is about to re-enter Huck's life. Huck's simple world is about to get infinitely complicated.

     This book just shines from page to page. Mark Albuquerque's art is gorgeous and Millar's writing is tight and captivating. Huck is an amazing character, a wonderful throwback to that bygone Golden Age of comics fun. Each book builds and builds, like a crescendo in a symphony - you can feel the book advancing, and escalating page after page, issue after issue. I know it's going to get a little dark, and maybe a bit political; not to mention, the question looming with Huck's relative: Has Huck found his greatest ally, or his worst enemy?

  Huck is not to be missed.

RATING: 10 out of 10.


  1. Yep! I'll have look out for the tpb when it comes.
    Nice review Tex!

    1. Thanks, Gil!

      This is pretty stellar so far. I'm just afraid Millar is going to go off the reservation soon enough.