Monday, February 8, 2016

Spider-Man #1 (Marvel) Miles Morales.

Well...I had no idea what to expect. Then i saw Black-heart (Mephisto's Son) in all his evil glory in a brilliant splash page & i thought "i think i'm gonna like this :)".

Basically Miles Morales goes through the same bull crap that Peter did when at school & his (this is different) Parents. Which is a pleasant surprise i might add!.

Artwork by Sara Pichelli Not bad...Not bad at all. Written by B.M. Bendis Wow his did a great job on the title that's for sure.
look forward to the next few issues.

Rating 9/10.


  1. Dude,

    I have to have it!!!!

    Just bought it!! Thank you! GREAT REVIEW!

    1. Lol. all good Tex!
      I don't have ant material on Miles Morales (apart from his 1st App.) So this will be good for me.
      Mind you this is the first (new) Spidey book i've bought in a long time.

    2. I love it!

      I signed on for the series!