Monday, February 1, 2016

Old Man Logan #1

The artwork by Andrea Sorrentino is still nice to look at (it works well with a serious subject as Old Man Logan) & Jeff Lemire has done a good job in the writing department.
Basically Logan is still coming to grips with the new world he now lives in, A far cry from the war torn battle world he once struggled to survive on a day to day basis.
After evading the police he get's some clothes on & has a few flash backs of the
Logan can't believe his luck, He now has the opportunity to correct the mistakes that were made by some individuals that caused him so much pain & grief from his former world.

Logan soon tracks down the first one & sends him to his grave with no hesitation at all. He looks to see who's next on the list...Banner!
It's refreshing not to have Wolverine mentioned so much as the reader will soon realize that this is not him but a older wiser Logan who take's crap from no-one.
Next issue we see him up against the Hulk, One to look out for.

Parental Advisory
Rating 9/10.

P.S. This book sports a "Return of the Dark Knight" tribute, Done well to i might add!


  1. Lemire can write some good stories for sure.

    I might pick that one up just because he's penning it. Great review, Gil!

  2. This ill have to check out!! Lemire hit a home run with Animal Man [i miss that series] and he also did a good job with Trillium. Isnt he also writting the new moon knight?

    1. BC theirs a new Moon Knight coming out by Lemire...Need to keep an eye out for that one :)