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Welcome again to another episode on my Back-Issue Quest,

     Where I do my very best to fill your heads with that comic-book knowledge that you can't get in in college. :-D

     In our last episode, we discovered the origins of Outlaw and El Diablo in "All-Star Western" vol 2, #2. In this episode, we carry on with the legend of El Diablo, starting here:

   In 1989, El Diablo was revived and revamped by Gerard Jones and Mike Parobeck in "El Diablo" vol 1, #1. This time, he was former boxer, Rafael Sandoval, then City Councilman of Dos Rios, Texas. Determined to stop a serial arsonist, Sandoval becomes a vigilante, taking on an appearance inspired by the original El Diablo's costume. El Diablo II sets out initially to clean up the mean streets of his city, but eventually, after he is possessed by the spirit of an Aztec god, he does spend a small bit of time as a member of the Justice League.

FUN FACT 1: Rafael Sandoval only made twenty-eight appearances in the DCU.

FUN FACT 2: In 2001, Brian Azzarello, and artist Danijel Zezelj, revived the original El Diablo, Lazarus Lane in a pretty great, violent, dark mini-series under DC's Vertigo Imprint.

FUN FACT 3: El Diablo I has made an appearance in the hit tv series, "Justice League Unlimited" in an episode titled, "The Once and Future Thing: Part One":

El Diablo's voice was that of American-Cuban actor, Nestor Carbonnell.

   All of this bring us to the part that you've probably been waiting for: the current iteration of El Diablo, Chato Santana:

      This is my copy of "El Diablo" vol 3, #1, featuring the first appearance of Chato Santana, El Diablo III. Created by Phil Hester, and Ande Parks, Chato was a L.A. gang member who was wounded gravely during a weapons deal. He ended up in the hospital with a comatose old man who was revealed to be the nearly two-hundred-year-old Lazarus Lane. In this overlooked, but really great six-issue series, we learn the truth behind Lazarus Lane's powers, we witness his final death, and we witness Santana's acceptance of the El Diablo powers, along with with curse that it brings: the habitation of Santana's body by a powerful Sumerian god of vengeance. On to more fun facts!!

FUN FACT 4: Seen above, "El Diablo"vol 3, #1, is Chato Santana's first appearance in the DCU; however, his first appearance in the DCU post New 52 happens here:

Here is my copy of "Suicide Squad" vol 4, #1, which features Chato Santana's first post New 52 appearance, as well as the first appearance of the post New 52 Suicide Squad featuring Harley Quinn, Deadshot and El Diablo.

FUN FACT 5: El Diablo, Harley Quinn and Deadshot were all featured in DC's film, "Suicide Squad."

   Well, that's all for today. I hope that you enjoyed our journey through the origins and histories of El Diablo I, El Diablo II, and El Diablo III as much as I did!!! Please feel free to comment on anything I missed, or with any tidbits you may know, or you have any questions that I may be able to answer! Thanks for visiting and reading!

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