Monday, October 10, 2016

Skybourne #1 Review

"Skybourne" #1 from BOOMStudios! -

    In the Bible, Lazarus was raised from the dead by the Son of God. But no one wrote anything about his children. This is their story.

    Abraham, Thomas, and Grace Skybourne are the children of Lazarus. They are mighty beings possessed of immense strength, unbreakable skin, and...They cannot die. Abraham's whereabouts are unknown. Thomas is world-weary, heartbroken and ready for death's sweet embrace. But Grace, she works as an agent for The Mountain Top Foundation, a foundation currently searching for an artifact of immense power: King Arthur's magic sword, Excalibur. The Mountain Top Foundation will stop at nothing to have the artifact, and neither will Grace Skybourne. She and her team gain possession of the sword in a vicious and gory battle. However, when Grace and her team are attacked by an extremely powerful wizard, Grace finds that not only is she in danger of losing the newly-acquired Excalibur, but she also finds that for the first time, she is in danger of losing her very life. 

   From the brilliant mind of Frank Cho, comes this action-heavy thriller, "Skybourne!" "Skybourne" is captivating from the very first page, starting out with a snippet of backstory on the inside cover which leads us to Thomas Skybourne's botched suicide attempt, and straight into Grace's rip-roaring, thrilling adventure. The small bit of exposition on the lineage of the Skybournes was enough to suck me straight into the story - I love it when familiar historical, biblical or mythological characters show up in stories in [respectful] unfamiliar ways. The characters themselves are very interesting as well - Thomas has had enough of life, while Grace is all aflame; she is beautiful, intelligent, and nothing short of war-machine. She is a thrill. Watching her wreck her way through page after bloody page reminded me of another wonderful, forgotten, magnificent series named "The Sword" from the Luna Brothers, a series that should already be a film or TV show...But back to "Skybourne." Frank Cho is in top form; there is no need to heap praises on his artwork, anyone who has been reading comics for more than a couple of years knows that Cho is a modern legend in the industry, with an uncanny eye for both power and beauty, especially when it comes to the female form. This book looks MAGNIFICENT. There are still many unanswered questions, and the hard gut-punch ending that leaves us on a cliff-hanger, but "Skybourne" #1 is simply a great first issue, and honestly looks to be another series that we'll hear about being optioned for the big or small screen. Loved it.

RATING: 10 out of 10. I can't wait to know more about these characters!

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