Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Three Stooges #1 Review

"The Three Stooges" #1 from America Mythology Productions -

      Join America's favorite knuckleheads in new adventures! Watch the hijinks when Curly, Moe and Larry take a gig selling concessions at a baseball game. Then the boys tear up the town as private-eyes looking to help a blonde bombshell recover compromising photos from a big-time gangster. Finally get your classic "nyuk-nyuks" in  a reprint from an old Dell comic when the lovable lunkheads take a job at the circus, and Curly gets his shot at being a lion-tamer! Hilarity will ensue...And I ain't LION! 

      The Three Stooges are back in the pages of this fun little anthology, "The Three Stooges" #1. And it's good to have the boys back. Sure you'll see those zany classic gags like face slaps and eye-pokes, along with those lightning-fast one-liners, but for a fan of The Three Stooges, it never gets old. The stories mirror the set up of many of the old films - the boys have a new job, and we get to laugh our butts off as they bungle their way through trying to do it. We know it is going to be a disaster with lots of fun on the way to the finale. Writer S.A. Check pens the first story in the book, giving us the Stooges as they screw up an entire baseball game trying to sell peanuts and sodas. There are some nice chuckles in this one, with cartoony, Archie-like art from artist Bill Galvan. J.C. Vaughn writes the second story that finds the boys up against the mob on behalf of a blonde looker. This story is the funnier of the new stories - the hijinks had higher energy, and it had more of a classic-Three-Stooges feel to it. Artists, Brendan and Brian Fraim put some really nice pencils down on this one. Finally, we get a reprint from Dell #1170 (1942), and by far, this feels the most like a Three Stooges classic...I guess...Well...Because it actually is. It is a HUGELY entertaining, totally zany tale from writer, Jerry Belson, and artist Sparky Moore. All in all, "Three Stooges" #1 is a whole lot of good, clean fun like they just don't do anymore in comics or films. These stories took me back to those lazy Sundays with my grandma watching old Tarzan and Flash Gordon films, and those crazy Three Stooges shorts. Good times. If you're in the mood for wackiness or feeling nostalgic, this book won't disappoint - you even get some cool fun facts about the Stooges! What's not to like?

RATING: 8 out of 10 for pure nutty fun. The Three Stooges put the "comic" back into comic book.

Let's sign off with a Three Stooges classic, "Disorder In the Court" from 1936.

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