Saturday, March 25, 2017

Gemini TPB Review

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"Gemini" from Image Comics -

   Dan is a mild-mannered pencil-pusher who spends his days slaving away in a cubicle being teased by his co-workers. His nickname? "SK," which stands for "serial killer." Dan doesn't hang out, doesn't have any friends, nor any sense of humor at all. However, what his co-workers don't know is that by night, Dan is one of the world's best, most respected superheroes: Gemini! But guess what? Dan doesn't know it either. Dan works for a shadowy corporation that creates superheroes at the cost of their freedom, Dan's mind, memories, everything he says does or thinks is all under the control and watchful eye of a highly-trained team of people hired to keep Gemini under the firm control of the corporation - a team that aims him like a weapon at any threat they choose at any time. But when Gemini suffers a gory injury that removes their control mechanisms from his body, they will stop at nothing to bring him back into the fold. Gemini must run for his life to find the truth of his identity...But the corporation has an arsenal of superheroes at their beck and call - Gemini's dual life could soon come to a brutal, horrific end. 

   Jay Faerber is back in top form with "Gemini." This TPB collects issues #1 through #5 of this high-octane, fun series from Image Comics. After Faerber's disappointing series, "Secret Identities," I am glad to see him back at telling the stories he does so well. The protagonist, Gemini, is aptly named - as Dan, he is dry and lifeless, while as Gemini, he is a human dynamo reminiscent of Spider-Man complete with quick-witted quips, and a Lobo-like healing factor. His outfit reminds me of the Golden Age Daredevil's costume with a few tweaks here and there. Faerber is good at writing stories that are lots of fun with a little darkness around the edges or just under the surface. He shows that again here, asking the reader if it is it better to have a super-powered citizen vigilante that selects his own targets based on his own moral code, or is it better for this vigilante to be controlled by some entity that we think has our best interests at heart? What happens to the personal freedom of the vigilante? Should he lose his right to be free because he has powers? Should corporations and/or governments be allowed to create living weapons? Great questions to ponder - and we ponder them all while Faerber gives us a story that covers all the bases: action, humor, romance and a search and struggle for individual identity. Jon Sommariva lays the smack down with wild, kinetic, cartoony, exaggerated art that definitely helps to build Faerber's world around Gemini, and makes this book look AWESOME. And what does Faerber do for added value? He brings his greatest creation, Dynamo 5, into the story giving us a taste of a larger "Faerber-verse" that is pretty exciting to me. If you're looking for a fun way to spend forty minutes to an hour of your day, pick up "Gemini." And, if you're so inclined, look for Faerber's "Dynamo 5," it's all kinds of great. 

RATING: 9 out of 10 for pure comic book fun. 

Happy trails.

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