Saturday, April 15, 2017

I.T. - The Secret World of Modern Banking #1 Review

"I.T." #1 from BlackBox Comics

    Evan Adonis is one of the top young I.T. and Operations experts that no one's ever heard of. Evan spends his days protecting the fat cats that run People's Trust Bank of N.Y.. He's so good, so fast, and so dedicated that he's earned the playful name, "Red Eye," because he's always on the move and barely has time to sleep. But while Evan burns his life away stopping malevolent malware from hijacking the bank's servers, his boss steals all the credit, and poor Evan gets to be the butt of everyone's jokes. But, maybe that is all about to change. When a top National Security Agency I.T. Specialist is murdered in a botched black ops mission at the United Nations Headquarters, Evan might just hear his nation's call of duty...If his shady bosses don't get Evan killed first. You see, Evan's bosses are in bed with one of the most dangerous crime families in America and poor Evan just got caught with his ear at the wrong door. Welcome to the secret, corrupt and often DEADLY world of modern banking. 

   Created by Dimitrios Zaharakis, "I.T." is a fast-paced, action-packed, tension-filled adventure/intrigue story written and penciled by DC Comics veteran, Scott McDaniel. ".I.T." is captivating right from the first page, giving the reader a glimpse of the darker world of international banking, and the dangers that face the I.T. experts that protect the banks, highlighting the constant threat of hackers trying to breach the banks' firewalls for their own purposes...Or for the purposes of those who hired them. Banking is all about competition and the competition is RUTHLESS, playing out both in the real world and in cyberspace. Evan Adonis is the perfect protagonist: loyal, put-upon, unappreciated, hard-working, a real wizard with a computer, and an absolute ingenue. That is a recipe for disaster, especially when the fat cats he's protecting have no interest in protecting him. I really liked Evan as a person - he was so well written that I cared about him, which is a big reason why I'm signing up for this series. I'd like to continue this dangerous journey along with Evan Adonis - I'll be rooting for him. Scott McDaniel is in top form here - he is a master at penciling action, the designs for his characters are distinct, and the busyness of his panels make this book a classicly fun comic to enjoy. I don't know where BlackBox Comics came from, but if they keep cranking out great stuff like this, one thing is for sure: BlackBox will be here to stay. 

RATING: 10 out of 10. "I.T." is fascinating, has a great protagonist, and is a LOT of fun. This comic is perfect for translation to the big or small screen. 

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