Wednesday, May 24, 2017


It's time again, fellow QUESTERS!

     It's time to hit y'all with more of that comic-book knowledge that you can't get in any college! Wanna know what's on the menu for today? Well, here's a hint: What happens when you parody three of my FAVORITE film genres (horror, science fiction/fantasy, and martial arts), adding in a lot of cool, low-budget special effects?


It's "Ninjas vs. Zombies" #1, featuring the first appearance of a zany team of zombie-slashing, vampire-staking, werewolf-murdering, magical, mayhem-making NINJAS!!!!

   I know. You're all like, "WHAAAAAT?!" Right? Who knew such coolness could exist on the face of the Earth? But wait! There's MORE! "Ninjas vs. Zombies" is a comic book adaptation of an independent film by the same name that debuted back in 2008. Written and directed by Justin Timpane, this film is a genre-bending, mixed-up, mashed-up, low-budget funfest that pits seven long-time friends against the diabolical powers of darkness. 

   Longing for the companionship of his dead brother, an amateur wizard uses a cursed book to enact his brother's resurrection. What he didn't see coming is that his brother would return as an evil, soul-eating, zombie-making prince of hell!!! Horrified by what he's done, he seeks help to stop his brother...From the cursed book (of course). The book, taking the form of a prepubescent girl, grants him a little help, just for funsies, by making three of his besties honest-to-goodness, monster-slaying, mystical ninjas!! Here is the trailer:

Crazy, right? Your next question is probably, "Is it any good?" The answer just depends on you. I am a fan of low budget horror films, so, to me, this movie is pretty cool. It's action-packed, over-the-top, campy, cheesy, corny, gory, chop-socki fun - and it NEVER takes itself too seriously. 

"Well, what about the comic?" you might ask. "Is it any good?" Well, my answer would be the same. It follows the movie's storyline pretty well; writer, Thomas Chillemi, really captures the spirit of the film, which, to me makes it loads of fun to read. Artist, Jaime Martinez pulls out the stops with pencils that are good, zany and gory. 

But wait! There's MORE! Publisher, Azure, turned the film into not just one comic, but a SERIES of  comics chock-full of monster-killing madness!

"Ninjas vs Zombies" #2

"Ninjas vs Zombies" #3

"Ninjas vs Zombies" #4

But WAIT!! There's STILL MORE! Since the film won critical acclaim from horror fans, Justin Timpane followed it up with two successful sequels: Ninjas vs Vampires and Ninjas vs Monsters. Each one is better than the last.  On to the FUN FACTS!!

FUN FACT 1 - At issue #5, the comic series became "Ninjas vs Werewolves," which did not correspond with the title of any of the films.

FUN FACT 2 - Yep. You knew that I had copies of "Ninjas vs. Werewolves" didn't cha?

Here's my copy of issue #5, fully loaded with autographs by the writer of the comic, Thomas Chillemi, the creator (film producer and director), Justin Timpane, and cast members, Daniel Ross, Cory and Carla Okouchi, Daniel Mascarello, P.J. Megaw, and Dan Guy.

And finally, here is "Ninjas vs Werewolves" #6.

FUN FACT 3 - Ninjas vs Zombies debuted on Halloween of 2008, at the Tally Ho Theatre in Leesburg, VA, a theater whose history reaches back more than 85 years. 

FUN FACT 4 - At 2009's Indie Fest, Ninjas vs Zombies won an Award of Merit: Feature Film. 

FUN FACT 5 - You can watch all three films on Amazon Prime! Here is the website for the film:

    That's all for today folks!!! Happy monster-hunting to you!!

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  1. Thanks Tex, glad I stopped by today.
    NvZ the movie looks glorious. Sure I'm looking forward to seeing what the Russo brothers can do with a billion dollars; but you and some friends can tell a story with just pocket change and imagination.

    I like it when people make art because they want to.
    Good find my friend.

    1. Thank, Robbie!!

      I am partial to people who make good, fun films on a low budget. The movie is just over-the-top fun, and the comics really capture the same feeling.