Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fu Jitsu #1 Review

Fu Jitsu #1 from AfterShock - 

      Fu Jitsu is a boy who loves burgers. But he's also a boy who is well over one-hundred years old, and a super-genius who has mastered every martial art on the planet, including cellular kung-fu, the art of rapid healing. Now, he's seeking to push himself beyond the limits of his mind, body, and spirit in his quest to do two all-important things: master sub-atomic kung-ku...And forget the girl who broke his heart. Fu, recently returned from a years-long, enhanced state of meditation, will need all of his skills to combat a deadly threat to the planet that has been brewing for well over seventy years; long ago, a madman discovered the power of mystical weapons, and has sought them for decades, finally deciding to forge the perfect one in order to dominate the world. This dark task has taken him decades, and the only person that can stand in his way is the legendary boy hero, Fu Jitsu. As the madman plans his preemptive strike, will Fu Jitsu be caught unawares, perishing after his years-long isolation, or will the would-be conqueror awake the most dangerous sleeping dragon the world has ever known?

     Jai Nitz pens this sci-fi, martial arts actioner, with a tongue-in-cheek twist!! Fu Jitsu hits all the right notes with an instantly likable, unique (but familiar), fun, burger-munching protagonist steeped in sci-fi/fantasy and over-the-top martial arts mysticism. Nitz's writing sparkles as he introduces the reader to both the protagonist and antagonist of his story in wonderful form, with just enough backstory to capture our imagination but not enough to give away the origins of the characters, leaving the juicy bits to be revealed at a later date. And I definitely want to know more about these cool characters, and this world that Nitz is bringing into existence. But Nitz isn't in this alone. Wesley St. Claire co-created Fu Jitsu along with Jai Nitz, and they're both pulling double duty; while Nitz is penning the story, St. Claire is rocking the pencils - and the pencils are gorgeous. St. Claire can do it all - from martial arts mayhem to explosions and wild action sequences to heavy, ominous villainry - St. Claire's pencils communicate the story perfectly to the reader while managing to be a lot of fun for the eyes. Shades of Karate Kid (not the movie, the comic character), Shaolin Cowboy, and Remo Williams have combined to give birth to an awesomely cool, new superhero in a wild first issue with just the right mix of action, comedy, historical fiction, and sci-fi/fantasy fun! I absolutely LOVE Fu Jitsu #1!!

RATING: 10 out of 10 for what looks like it will be 100% pure all-ages enjoyment!!

Writer's note: Please excuse my absence - a string of family illnesses and other life-related issues necessitated my hiatus. 

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