Sunday, January 29, 2017


Hey, there fellow Questers!!

    Happy Sunday to you - I hope the birds are chirping and the sun is a-shining for you in your wonderful worlds!

   Sure there is a lot of turmoil going on right now, and things are tense in the land that I love, the good ol' U.S of A., but that is just a bump in the road to our realization of a vision of a better world. We'll get through this, get our bearings, and get back to the goal of peace and prosperity for all (not just Americans) - which is the goal that I would have my beloved country seek with all vigor and vim. 

   But we must acknowledge the darkness that settles before the dawn...And when things get dark in the DCU, who does the Justice League turn to? They turn to the dark itself...The Justice League Dark!

This is my copy of "Swamp Thing" vol 2 #50, containing what some call the first full appearance of Justice League Dark!

    This amazing issue, written by Alan Moore, a writer credited with elevating comics to new literary heights, brings many members of Justice League Dark together for the first time to take on a threat of universal proportions. This book was written in 1986 - twenty-five years before "Justice League Dark" #1 would even see print. Issues #49 and #50 of this series are masterworks by Moore, pitting occult heroes and anti-heroes such as John Constantine, Deadman, Zatanna and The Phantom Stranger against The Great Darkness, a being whose power is equal to that of The Presence (DC's equivalent of God), but whose existence is devoid of all good and Divine Light. In reality, Moore's entire run on this series is a masterwork, especially given that John Constantine first appeared during this run - and there's the fact that Moore used this series to revive many of DC Comics' forgotten occult heroes and anti-heroes, like Zatara, Etrigan, Sargon the Sorceror, and most notably, Dr. Fate and The Spectre. You NEED to read this. However, Moore's vision of a team of forgotten occult heroes would only begin to be realized that day. Fans would have to wait until 2011, when DC rebooted giving birth to The New 52, to get the team of occult heroes and anti-heroes that they wanted and deserved:

It's my copy of "Justice League Dark" #1, the formal first appearance of Justice League Dark!

   When members os the Justice League (Superman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg) go to investigate the Enchantress' involvement in a series of deaths and bizarre happenings, the team faces powerful magic that they are unable to defeat - they barely escape with their lives. Alerted of the mystical disturbance in their own several ways, powerful occult individuals that will soon be Justice League Dark begin to individually converge on the threat. On to the FUN FACTS!!

FUN FACT 1: At one time, superstar director, Guillermo del Toro, was attached to make a live-action Justice League Dark film. Unfortunately, it didn't pan out.

FUN FACT 2: Fortunately, on February 7, 2017, an animated Justice League Dark film will be ready for purchase! YES! The film is rated R for violence.

FUN FACT 3: DC has always done occult heroes VERY well. Marvel's Doctor Strange is truly great, but wait till you get a load of Dr. Fate - your mind will be blown - his mythology is dense and captivating.

FUN FACT 4: TEX has some of the first appearances of some of the members of Justice League Dark. I will fill you in with some fun follow-on articles! Kewl? KEWL!

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