Saturday, February 4, 2017

Inspector Oh #2 Review

"Inspector Oh" #2 from Devils Due/1First Comics -

    Ziyi, the world's greatest exorcist, has come to hell to save her brilliant, but kooky, uncle, Inspector Oh. Oh came to hell on a mission eight years ago and was never heard from again, but now, Ziyi has found him and with the help of a magical pearl, restored him back to flesh and blood life. But...There are just a few hiccups in Oh's giddyup. He seems to have been hanging out with Meng Po down in the lowest regions of hell. Meng Po's Five Flavored Tea of Forgetfulness makes souls forget their past lives in order to be reincarnated, and Inspector Oh can't remember a darn thing - who he is, nor why he came to hell. This really sucks for Ziyi because he's useless this way...And they have a horde of demons ready to tear them apart to make sure no one escapes from hell. Can Ziyi, and her mighty, magic, shape-shifting weapon hold off the demon horde long enough for Inspector Oh to figure a way out of this mess, or is Inspector Oh dead...Again?

   The Yuan Twins, Matt and John, keep the fun rolling in issue two of "Inspector Oh." I reviewed issue #1 a few months ago, and I really enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed issue #2 as well. Why? Well, John Yuan's artwork is clean, simple, cartoonlike, and often, quite zany - the book is just a lot of fun to look at. The story is chock full of very entertaining and interesting Chinese lore bolstered by American-style humor and silliness. "And the best part: Detective Oh" #2 is an all-ages comic - it's interesting enough for an adult and full of cartoony fun for kids - you can hand this comic right to your child and be confident that it is all about fun and adventure. No sex, drugs, gore or proselytization of any type. That's pretty rare in comics. Does the "Inspector Oh" #2 have issues? Sure. Sometimes it feels flighty and disjointed - the writing is not quite as tight as in issue #1; however, it this only the second issue of the series, and I feel that the potential this series possesses far outweighs its problems. If you take this comic for what it is, in all its simplicity, and just let yourself read and relax, I'm sure that you will be entertained. After the insane day I had, I was happy to escape it all for a few minutes with Inspector Oh. Once The Yuans tighten up the writing, this series will make a really cool animated film or cartoon series.

RATING: 7.5 out of 10.

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