Sunday, August 13, 2017

Redlands #1 Review

Redlands #1 from Image Comics -

    It's 1977, and the small town of Redlands, Florida is in the throes of a horrible nightmare; it's on a precipice, precariously dangling over the gaping jaws of its own annihilation. The Sheriff and his men have run the town as long as anyone can recall, interpreting the law as they saw fit, as it benefitted them and their ilk, killing whenever and whomever they saw fit to maintain their brand of "justice." But then the three women appeared, and they would not bend, break nor acquiesce, corrupting the townsfolk and giving a voice to those who had none. So, the Sheriff and his men took matters into their own hands - they hunted the women down and hung them...And in doing so, they have unleashed a dark, hellish fury upon the town that cannot be stopped with fire, bullets or begging. The three women have come for vengeance, and hell is coming with them. The hunter becomes the hunted...Run, rabbit...RUN!

    Award-winning colorist, Jordie Bellaire, sweeps into the scripting game with this supernatural gore-fest, Redlands. And it's a doozy. We come right into the action, just after the attempted murder of the three mysterious women who have turned this small town upside down. From the first page, Bellaire crafts a dark, oppressive, nightmarish atmosphere that creeps more into the reader's psyche page after creepy page. The Sheriff and his men are making a last stand at the Sheriff's Department, conveniently in front of the craggy tree on which they just tried to hang the town's three most undesired undesirables. But the problem is, these women won't die. We follow the Sheriff and his men through some grisly, brutal deaths to a crescendo of a finale that leaves the reader wondering exactly what the heck they just read. Ultimately, I found this book to be a ball of anger vomited onto page after page of wish-fulfilling fright and death. It's about women's liberation. It's about revenge for oppression and suppression. It's about having the power to create your own destiny and decimating the old guard. This is anything but peaceful protest. Vanesa Del Rey lends her sketchy, frenetic pencils to Redlands, making the characters always seem tense and terrified. Bellaire pulls double duty as the colorist as well, piling on the blacks to add heft, horror, and hopelessness to the already suffocating atmosphere. Fans of gory, horror supernatural thrillers are going to love this book - Bellaire's catharsis is sure to be a lot of creepy fun. 

RATING: 8 out of 10. 

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