Saturday, September 24, 2016

Eclipse (Image/Top Cow)

Yet another sweet book...Great cover & inside artwork by Giovanni Timpano & story by Zack Kaplan. I believe this is a mini series.

The sun had a massive solar flare that has all but wiped the humans on the earth, The Sun is still incredibly hot, So they all live under ground (under the cities) & venture out at night. The first page alone tells us exactly what the reader needs to know.

Again...Someone is using the Sun as a murder weapon & the persons in question are brutally burned to death (half cooked & melted all over the pavement). There should be no-one outside as one needs state of the art ice suits to survive the harsh atmosphere, But someone is seen...alive & without a suit.

This reminded me of that series by Black Bull called Just a Pilgrim But also had aspects of Transmetropolitan & the vampire movie Day-breakers.
This would make one hell of a movie, Drama aplenty!!

I really liked this, Not only can i not wait for the next issue...Top Cow, More please.


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