Friday, September 23, 2016

Hadrian's Wall (Image)

Wow this book blew me 5 meters across the floor, Stood up & shook it off!
It has a high end sci-fi impression to it, A more realistic feel to what our future may well be (think Cowboy Bebop). 

Written by Kyle Higgins & Alec Siegel, Artwork by Rod Reis. Story is taken straight from the cold war where America & Russia nuke each other & many decades later they come together, Later they find peace & further advance technology to make humankind better. Hundreds of years go by & focus on space exploration. Now a new cold war brews...& it (of course) starts with a murder.

Our leading character Simon is awoken in the early morning by a phone call from his ex-misses Annabelle. who lives on the space ship "Hadrian's Wall". Her new husband is suspectedly killed while doing a EVA (extravehicular activity). Simon is a detective & a good one at that & when Annabelle finds out he is on board to investigate she is none to pleased...Simon is alarmed & wants to know who threw out his pain killing medicine, Since no-one should know about it.

Hmm...This is good, fantastic read actually. Best i've read in a while.

Rating: 10/10

On the mature side & a read that's on any sci-fi nuts list, Plus the ship is most awesome (you only see it once) The first thing that came to my mind was the Japanese "Yamato" from "Starblazers" anime...very cool indeed.


  1. Great review. It's going on my list.

    1. Thanks, It's very mature & this 1st issue only gives enough to salivate for more.

  2. Nice review, Gil!

    I missed out on this one.