Monday, September 5, 2016


Hi-de-ho, comics fans!!

    It's me, TEX, back again with that comics knowledge to make you spin!

    As you guys and gals already know, I am sure 'nuff a comics fan. Superheroes, westerns, horror, science-fiction...If it has a great story, characters and it takes me on a journey from the grind of my daily life, TEX will read it and dig it. You savvy? 

    I also collect comics written in the languages that I speak or read, or the ones that I'm learning. Sometimes, I get lucky and come upon great, hard to find gems which are much more scarce than most comics published in the good old U.S.A. - lucky for me, there's probably a smaller circle of people looking, and an even smaller circle of people with the network of friends I've accumulated in several countries who keep their eyes out for something that will make my heart go a-thumpety-thump. 

   Today, I have just such an  item:

    Here, I am proud to present my copy of "La India María" #1, published in Mexico by Ediciones José G. Cruz (J.C.G.) in 1970. La India María was a character created by beloved Mexican comedian and star of movies and TV, María Elena Velasco. Velasco created a character that represented Mexico's forgotten and ignored: the indigenous people whose ancestors dwelled in the place called Mexico long before it was called Mexico, or even New Spain (Nueva España). Some have criticized her character as being nothing but buffoonery, a caricature of a people who had already been ridiculed enough. Others see Velasco's work as genius, choosing to see that her character, even if a bit simple and backwoods, always overcame the odds through hard work, a great attitude, honesty and an endearing goodness of heart that permeates her films. And her critics often forget the biting social commentary that she sometimes inserted into her comedy. "Duro, Pero Seguro" is one of my faves. Check it out below (sorry, I couldn't find it in the English language). 

   The above comic, "La Indía María" #1 is a fotonovela, basically, it is a comic book with photos instead of illustrations, as seen here:

   José G. Cruz was a legendary Mexican comics publisher, and he made many comics like this, my favorites being those that focused on masked luchadores (Mexican pro-wrestlers). I can't wait to roll those out for you guys!

   La India María had a long and successful career in film and TV. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2015. Velasco will be missed, but her comedic antics live on in her works of film and TV, and in José G. Cruz's rib-tickling, but endearing, comic-book series named after the character that Velasco created and made to come alive for over forty years: La India María.

   "La India María" #1 is as scarce as scarce can be. I am glad to have it in my collection!

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  1. Awesome!! Didnt even know India Maria had her own comic book!

    1. Hey, BC!

      I was so stoked when I came across this comic a couple years ago. It is in such beautiful condition - and it is hilarious. Velasco was great in any medium.