Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Jimmy's Bastards #1 Review

Jimmy's Bastards #1 from AfterShock -

    Jimmy Regent is the best that MI6 has to offer - and he's also the worst. He's a handsome, brilliant and highly effective agent, but he's a womanizing, cocksure, offensive bastard...But he gets the job done. Fresh from taking down Theophilus Trigger, Regent's trigger-word spouting nemesis, and Bobo The Bastard, Trigger's evil, chimp sidekick with a glass-encased human brain, Regent's all set for a little rest and relaxation (and some shagging, of course). However, what Regent doesn't know is that a legion of dejected and neglected nutcases are on the warpath, and they are headed straight for Jimmy Regent. They blame Jimmy for their crappy lot in lives...And he just might be sorta, kinda responsible. Or not. Besides all this, Jimmy's new partner, Nancy McEwan, is a lethal stunner who doesn't seem to be interested in shagging Jimmy one little bit. What's the world's best secret agent to do? Hold on to your seats, Jimmy Regent is in for one heck of a ride!

   If you know anything about comics, you don't need me to tell you who Garth Ennis is. He's one of modern comics' treasures, mostly because he can do it all: Ennis can write the funny, dark, offensive, irreverent stuff, like Preacher, and Adventures In the Rifle Brigade or he can write the hopeful, heroic stuff, like Dan Dare. In Jimmy's Bastards Ennis creates Jimmy Regent, a biting parody of James Bond, a character that actually goes for the gusto where Bond just tosses about innuendos. But Regent's real super-power, as it were, is his ability to not be offended by anything at all, which is a great power to have if you have a nemesis that's constantly spewing the foulest, most shocking, trigger words that you can possibly imagine. The cool concept is not wasted on me: if you don't want to be offended by anyone or anything, then don't be offended. You can't control others, so you have to get a handle on yourself, which is all you can do. Ennis uses his classic irreverent wit, and a lot of vulgarity, to drive home his point. I guess this is where I kind of felt a bit disappointed that Ennis, brilliant as he is, oversimplified such a complicated matter. Sure, you have to learn to have thick skin, and sure, society may go a bit overboard in trying to protect everyone's feelings; however, it's quite an easy thing for a person of Ennis' particular demographic to say "just get over it" especially when there are people that experience very real harassment, oppression and even threats to their existence.  Be that as it may, Jimmy's Bastards #1 has a few moments that may shock you, make you think, and cause you to emit a tiny chuckle. It is a tick of fun to see such a beloved British character like James Bond exposed for all its absurdity while still resulting in a mildly enjoyable story. Russ Braun's artwork is totally gorgeous and sometimes quite reminiscent of Howard Chaykin's work. From the female form, to classic villains, to that square-jawed action hero of yesteryear, Braun hits all the right notes - and with John Kalisz's inks, this book is a stunner to behold. While this is not a book I'll be continuing, I am sure that it will find an audience with all those who are tired of "too much P.C. in comics (and in the world in general)." It's one of Ennis' more lackluster works (IMHO), but even a lackluster work from a genius is worth checking out. 

RATING: 7 out of 10. 


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