Sunday, July 16, 2017

TEX'S Variants, Autographs and Oddities Episode 5 (Caliban)

Hello, Hello, Hello!!!

    It's TEX checking in again, my fellow QUESTERS!! I hope that you had a great weekend. I sure did. My son came to visit from college, my wife didn't have to travel for work, and my daughter and  I are here on summer vacation, so I was able to gather up my entire nuclear family up to go out for a night of fun and festivities. We went to see "Baby Driver" which was a lot better than expected, and then we piled into a restaurant had a great dinner, and ended the night in a wonderful family debate.


   So today, before I put my feet up and chill, I thought I'd hit you guys with one of the oddities/variants that I found in my collection. I hope you like it - LET'S RIDE!!

It's Caliban #1, from Avatar Press!!

     But this isn't just any old first issue, it's a doozy of a variant! This is the exclusive Platinum Edition of the Dark Matter Variant, printed, selected and sent to the CGC to be graded by Avatar Press. These are graded and then numbered by the CGC - this means that EVERY one of these Platinum Editions are encapsulated, and, in this case, numbered from one to one-hundred and fifty, which is the total number of these that exist on the planet. That's right, only one-hundred and fifty of these were printed, graded and numbered, and I have #118 in my collection. 

     I don't usually go for variants like this (I can count on one hand the times I have splurged for a variant), but Caliban was a pretty great read, and I really wanted to have one of these exclusive comics. So, what makes Caliban so great? Glad you asked. Caliban comes to us from the brilliant mind of Garth Ennis. It's a sci-fi horror story in the same vein as the "Alien" franchise (one of my favorite bodies of sci-fi films). It tells the story of the crew of the mining ship, Caliban, on a routine mission in deep space. When they collide with an alien vessel while in FTL (faster-than-light travel / "warp"), their ship fuses with the vessel, killing several members of the crew. When the survivors begin to be stalked and killed by something beyond their understanding, paranoia sets in, and the crew realizes that not only are they not alone in the universe, but they just may not be ready to encounter what awaits them in the vast cold reaches of the universe. Ennis teams up with Argentine artist, Facundo Percio, who illustrates this book beautifully with shades of the late, great legend of sci-fi, Moebius. Here's another of the more disturbing covers:

(Courtesy of Bloody Disgusting)

     I would really love to see this translated to film someday. It would be a refreshing throwback to those horrifying sci-fi chillers of the past; however, Ennis' work doesn't always translate well. "Preacher" is the obvious exception, but Ennis has been trying to get Crossed adapted for years, which is so violent, bloody, and perverted that the NC-17 rating would have to come out of mothballs for it to be in mainstream theaters. 

   Well, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed today's trip into the oddities of my collection. There's lots more to come, so stick around! Same TEX time, same TEX station!!

  Happy Trails!!

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