Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"Alan Dracon" #1 Review

"Alan Dracon" #1 from Amigo Comics -

      A scientist, Dr. Hans, has been murdered, heartlessly dismembered at Biogen Labs, by something far beyond, and far worse than human. His work is too valuable to discontinue; he was trying to modify amphibian species to create amphibian clone workers, a scientific advancement that could revolutionize, and make cheaper, underwater jobs and research. But someone has other plans for the data, plans to have it all for themselves. The Mishima Clan, a powerful conglomerate, will stop at nothing to have Dr. Hans' research, and Biogen will stop at nothing to protect both it, and Dr. Oní Demaite, the scientist who has taken on the challenge Dr. Hans faced. Biogen hires Alan Dracon, former Homeland Security hitman turned renowned bodyguard, to make sure that Dr. Demiate and Dr. Hans' research remain safe. Dracon is smart, skilled and as tough as they come, but can even he handle the threat of a killer who is a monstrous, inhuman weapon of destruction?

    Stefano Martino does double duty on this futuristic, sci-fi thriller; he both scripts and pencils "Alan Dracon" #1. Alan Dracon is just an immensely entertaining throwback to the heroes of yesteryear - he is the classic tough guy, smart and indomitable, with a weakness for the fairer sex. He's the guy all the girls want, and all the men want to be - Alan Dracon  is unapologetically masculine. I dig that. Even though Dracon is a bodyguard and not a detective, this is shaping up to be a hard-boiled, sci-fi tale - classic future-noir - reminiscent of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" (the book that spawned the hit film, Blade Runner), or, in comics,  Drift Marlo, or Star Hawkins. Stefano Martino  hits some high notes on his pencilling, using light and shadow perfectly, and wisely opting to keep his art B&W which makes his work pop. This comic reminds me of something that would run in "2000AD." Love it. "Alan Dracon" #1 is a great start to what looks to be a VERY entertaining series. 

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RATING: 8 out of 10.

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