Sunday, July 31, 2016

Huge News for Fans of J. Michael Straczynski


     Today there is good and bad news for the world of comics, especially so for people like me: fans of the genius comics writer, J. Michael Straczynski. First, the bad news: J. Mike Strac, as I lovingly call him, is walking away from comics, according to Bleeding Cool. This man, this prodigious author, screenplay writer, and comics writer, responsible for some amazing comics stories and arcs over the last three decades, is calling it quits with the comics industry.

    It is a VERY sad day for comics.

    The good news is that two of his beloved properties are finally coming to the big and small screens. "Rising Stars,"tells the story of how 113 super-powered people, born after a mysterious light invades the Earth's atmosphere over a small town in Illinois, deal with the special powers that they were blessed or cursed with, and how those powers come into play on the face of the planet. "Rising Stars" is considered to be one of Straczynski's greatest works, and it spawned a series of spin-offs and even three novels. MGM, has optioned "Rising Stars" for film, according to Deadline. It will be great to finally see this work make the leap!

   FUN FACT 1: A few years back, a TV show called, "The 4400" dazzled the airwaves with it's great sci-fi storyline, and excellent cast...And it had MANY (too many?) similarities to "Rising Stars" which had been written several years earlier.

   In even more great news for comics fans, Bleeding Cool stated that JMS' "Midnight Nation," is in development under Universal, in conjunction with super-powered producer, Gale Ann Hurd, who has brought us several blockbuster films and TV shows, like the "Terminator" franchise, "Walking Dead" and it's spin-off series, "Fear the Walking Dead." With Hurd attached, this show is GOING to happen. "Midnight Nation" centers around police detective, David Grey, who is plunged into a shadow realm, and must go on perilous quest to find his lost soul. I cannot wait to see what Universal does with such a wonderful story.

  Since I own the full runs of both "Rising Stars" and "Midnight Nation," I'll write more about them at a later date.

   So, we bid a tear-eyed "adieu" to J. Michael Straczynski, and thank him for his many, many years of great comics stories, From Superman, to Spider-Man, to Twilight Zone and beyond; we hope to soon enjoy some of his astounding comics-based works on the big and small screens, and we wish him the very, very best of luck in his future endeavors.

  Bye JMS. Love ya, man.

FUN FACT 2: JMS both created and developed the 90s sci-fi hit series, "Babylon 5," and he wrote over 90 of the scripts for the series of 110 shows. "Babylon 5" won two Emmy Awards and two Hugo Awards.

FUN FACT 3: JMS wrote his first animated script for "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe." He was a fan of the cartoon, wrote a script and sent it to Filmation, the producers of the series. They loved the script, bought it and hired him.

FUN FACT 4: JMS co-wrote the stories for Marvel's 2011 Thor, and for the apocalyptic zombie thriller, World War Z.

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