Friday, July 8, 2016

"America" #1 Review

"America" #1 from Overground Comics -

     Bernadette "Bernie" Calloway is costumed superhero, America, one of the greatest crime-fighters that HeroCorp ever produced. Ten years ago, she was injected with a serum that made nearly invulnerable - nothing could harm her. However, it seems those days may be over forever. Two weeks ago, America lost her invulnerability. But what she didn't lose is her taste for crimefighting, her thirst for danger, and her hunger for putting her life on the line for what she believes in. What she kept when she lost her powers were the things she perfected through her own sweat: her genius-level intellect, the athletic prowess of an olympic-level athlete, and the ability to kick major butt. When she stops a highly trained thief that risks it all, nearly killing both himself and America, just to steal personnel files from a building, America catches the scent of something bigger, more sinister in play. With the help of her black-suited partner, she aims to put a stop to it, super-powers or not...And she's going to have some high-stakes fun in the process.

    Jon Hughes writes and colors "America" #1, the beginning of a new chapter in the life of seasoned superhero, America. It's a really interesting concept here - we do not get an origin story, but we DO get an origin story. Confused? Let me explain. We get little exposition about the origin story of America, how she got her powers, and her battles after. The reader seemingly comes in on what should be the end of a crime-fighting career; however, what we actually witness is a bit of a rebirth of the protagonist, a different type of origin story, and in the process, we get a glimpse of who America is, and who she wants to believe she is. America has been living the life of a superhero without the inherent risks for ten years - an emotional deprivation of sorts - now she wants to feel the pain, the exhilaration, and the fear - she is ready to risk everything.  It's hard not to like America - she's smart, tough, brave, headstrong to a fault, and a bit of a masochist maybe; she is both noble, and bit flawed. Hughes did a wonderful job here of creating a three-dimensional character in a short span of time. Jason Pearson's art is perfect for this book. You can tell that he had fun with the pencils here; there is a controlled franticness to them that communicate America's character and mental state well on the page.

FUN FACT: America's partner looks like he was inspired by Reg E. Cathey.

  Like some say, "America just isn't what she used to be." But I always say, "No, but she just might end up being better than ever." I wonder if Hughes had this connection in mind when he created the character? Way cool. Overall, "America" #1 looks to be a engrossing kick off to an ongoing series. She's a strong female protagonist with whom I would really love to journey.

RATING: 8 out of 10.

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