Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hillbilly #1 (Albatross Funnybooks)

This is the first work i own from Eric Powell, Well...I had to pick myself up after tripping on the proverbial gold rock that presented itself at the end of this grand read.

Damn it was right down my ally, A touch of Preacher, Speck of Frazetta, 2 drops of Gaiman ...And splash of Huckleberry Finn! Oh! yeah, This is a magical read.

A young boy (Henry) from the American south goes down to the river to fish, His mother cry's out to him to come back (his is oblivious to her calls as he's finds fresh strawberry's to eat a rare find indeed those good to be true. A evil bony arm appears from the shadow of a tree clasps him & forcefully drains the life force from the innocent boy, That's until a dirty great big cleaver cut's the hand of the witch. She is taken care of with immediate force, The man brings the boy back around & takes him home.
The boy wants to know who he is, Recons he already knows of the wanderer who cry's black tears & carry's the Devils cleaver, The man then proceeds to tell him his origin...

If you want to know it then buy this book, Has already sold out here.
It's dark & moody, But highly atmospheric. We see a witch fly off on a crooked old branch (take note Harry potter fans). Easily the best read of the week, This is the reason why i buy comic books.

Rating: 10/10 Eric Powell (another Ennis in the making)!


  1. Sounds great, Gil!
    Excellent review!

  2. Thanks Tex, Was a pleasure to review this one!

  3. Eric gives us another character to cheer. You really can't call his title characters heroes. There was a preview issue or was that just a digital thing with Comixology? Great review. Thx.

    1. Thanks Otto. Sorry, I don't know much about the preview.
      This is an ongoing title. Will be something to look forward too!