Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Aliens Defiance #1 (Dark Horse)

If your not a fan of the proverbial Alien freight-train...Then stay away.

What art by Tristan Jones (this dude can draw horror) & the story by Brian Wood was also good.
This tale revolves around a Lady that goes by the name of Zula Hendricks, Who is a tough marine that works for Wayland-Yutani. The story is very familiar to the movie's but with different Characters & objectives, The old school computers are seen with in these pages & one can automatically hear the shuttering tapping sound that they give (awesome). After a group of synthetics are destroyed by the Aliens & Zula just gets out alive she is finally told the truth that the "company" wants the organism returned to base.
Zula with help takes control of the ship same style gunship from "Aliens". Goes out to the LV-44-40 to kill everyone of them that she can find.

It's another sweet book from Dark Horse (what a cover) there is a variant for this book but it kinda sucks, This one rocks. Not one swear word in the whole book, The horror isn't over the top either. Nice read & loved how they kept with the 80's themed technology as well, Good Stuff Dark Horse.

Rating: 8/10.

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