Monday, May 16, 2016


Good news for fans of Booster Gold!!

    It was just recently confirmed that Booster is getting his own live-action feature film!!


     For those who don't really read comics, who Booster Gold is might be a bit of a mystery. Good ol' TEX is here to help you with that! Let me start off by showing you his first appearance:

Here are my two copies of Booster Gold #1! Booster Gold, vol 1 #1, features the 1st appearances of Booster Gold, AKA Micheal Jon Carter, Skeets, Trixie Collins, and the villains Mindancer and Blackguard.

    Created by Dan Jurgens, Booster was born in the 25th century, Micheal Jon Carter was a football star, that turned to fixing games to pay for his sick mother's treatments. Soon he was caught and jailed. Upon paying his debt to society, he was released and got a job as a security officer in Metropolis' Space Museum, where he discovered information about the superheroes of the 20th century. Longing for a second chance (to get pizaid), Mike stole artifacts from the museum, including the power-suit, and the security robot, Skeets, and used Rip Hunter's time machine to return to the later 20th century to become a superhero...And get rich and famous in the process. 

   On to the fun facts!

FUN FACT 1: Skeets is a BX9 security robot that uses data from headlines in the past to help Booster stop disasters that once occurred, making Booster wealthy in the process. 

FUN FACT 2: Booster was a key player in Maxwell Lord's Justice League International

FUN FACT 3: Booster's best friend is Ted Kord, the Silver Age Blue Beetle. 

FUN FACT 4: Booster and Blue Beetle are ALWAYS good for lots of laughs and action when Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis are involved. They are two of the best comic book writers to ever do the job.

FUN FACT 5: Mike's nickname was Booster back in his football days. He meant to used the superhero name, Goldstar, but got nervous on live TV and botched it. Not to worry. The name was still used. Booster's assistant, Trixie, briefly became a superhero named Goldstar to save Booster's life. 

FUN FACT 6: The time-traveling adventurer, Rip Hunter, star of Legends of Tomorrow, was revealed to be Booster Gold's future son in Booster Gold, vol 2, 1,000,000. 

FUN FACT 7: During 52, Booster Gold faked his own death and adopted the identity of a superhero called Supernova

FUN FACT 8: Supernova was very cool. 

FUNNY FACT: Batman once knocked out Green Lantern, Guy Gardner. Booster, having left with Captain Marvel, missed out on the hilarity by one panel:

   You can find out more about Booster Gold's powers, equipment and abilities here: Booster Gold's Powers and Weapons.

   I don't know about you, but I am really looking forward to the Booster Gold film! 

   Thanks for reading! 

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