Monday, May 2, 2016

Keep on Slabbin'


Episode Dos

Keep on Slabbin' part dos is here!! That means more slabs to show off, because I mean....whats the point of collecting comics if y'all ain't gonna show them off!!? As stated in my previous post I have gotten into the "Slab game" and I must admit, it is very addicting! More comics have been submitted, at ECCC 2016, but thats a whole different post ;)  and more slabs have been bought. I know...I know...I'm talking too much so I'll just stop right here and get straight to it!

Wolverines 3 9.8 SS [Signed by Mr. Soule]

Here is a sweet one I picked up around X-mas time. Wolverines 3 1:25 variant. 1st App or Fantomelle & Culpepper, signed by Charles Soule. Sweet X-23 aKa Laura Kinney cover. I was first to census on this book, so that was cool. I believe there are now 2 signed copies on the census.

Harley Quinn 1 9.8 SS [Triple Signed!]

Well as mentioned in my previous post, I told you guys I had a sweet Harley Quinn book I wanted to share, here it is! I love Harley Quinn so this book is without a doubt my favorite one right now! This book was a PGX 9.8, I cracked it, sent it in for a press and got it triple signed. I was hoping for a 9.6 but when I opened  my the box and saw a 9.8 I was really excited!! Signed by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and of course, Adam Hughes. I met Chad Hardin at Emerald city con last month, thought about cracking it to have him sign it, but didn't want to risk losing the 9.8 so I had to pass, I did however get something nice from Hardin, you're just gonna have to stay tuned!

Kamala Khan!

Are you guys Kamala Khan fans? Her first series was so much fun! I became an instant fan so I bought a few of her books. Here are three books I'll like to share I've recently acquired! Captain Marvel 17 2nd print, two copies. Submitted them both back in November and both came back 9.8!! Also got a Ms Marvel 1 1:100 variant double signed by Art Adams and G Willow Wilson. Which reminds me, I need to start reading her new ongoing series, fun character.

Sunfire & Big Hero 6

Have you guys seen the movie Big Hero 6? If not, I strongly recommend it. It is soon good! I got this one a while back, around Summer/Early Fall of 2015. Haven't really read much about the Big Hero 6 so I don't know much about them, but I did enjoy the movie a lot so figured I would pick one up for the old PC!

Well thats all I got for now, more books to come on part three so stay tuned. Also I have to make a post about my trip to Seattle for ECCC. It was SO FUNNNNN! Got some sweet books signed that are currently with CGC. I can't wait to share those books with y'all, until next time...



  1. Hey BC, Been a long time.
    I like your Big Hero 6 book, Sweet 9.8

  2. WOW!!

    Plenty of beauties there BC!! My daughter really digs Kamala Khan. NICE!