Saturday, May 14, 2016

Rough Riders #1 Review

Rough Riders #1 from AfterShock -

    Theodore Roosevelt was a sickly, hopeless child, ailing with asthma - a once-deadly disease. Never one to retreat, nor surrender, Teddy's father pushed him to build a magnificent body to match his brilliant mind. Now, possessed of the wealth and teachings of his father, Teddy spends his nights as a vigilante, searching the dark, dirty, dangerous streets of early 1900s New York City for the forgotten ones, the hopeless ones, the ones who need saving. He puts his fists, his body, his brilliant mind and his wealth to the service of those who need it most. But Teddy's secret has been discovered by the Four Horsemen, the most powerful men in the Gilded Age: Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, and Carnegie. They wish to recruit Teddy for a dangerous mission - a mission so important that failure could mean the end of the world was we know it. Teddy is going to need one hell of an elite team to pull this off, and he knows just the right folks for the job...

    Rough Riders #1 is a sleeper-hit from AfterShock! Written by Adam Glass, this comic hits all the right notes: action, intrigue, historical figures, great dialogue, great artwork by Patrick Ollliffe, and a bigger-than-life protagonist based on a real bigger-than-life person! Part steampunk adventure, part A-Team, with a little Mignola flavor (mixing of fiction with historical facts), this comic was pure fun and awesomeness from cover to cover. We don't get to see them all in the first issue, but Teddy's putting a team together that includes some giants from the American past: Jack Johnson, champion fighter; Harry Houdini, escape artist and magician; Thomas Edison, scientist; Annie Oakely, marksman; and Monk Eastman, tough-as-nails gangster. This first issue was a delight, and if all goes well, the series will be a thrill-ride! Sign me up. I need this series.

RATING: An enthusiastic 10 out of 10! I definitely want to mount up with Teddy's Rough Riders!

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