Thursday, May 12, 2016

Heads Up Episode 2

Straight to it...tell me your getting these (all due out this month) or one shall miss out on world changing events.

And here we go...
Vikings #1 Titan (based on the show) i don't watch it but i'm told it's good.
Satellite Falling #1 IDW A young lady who has escaped a corrupt earth & is now a bounty hunter on a satellite full of aliens. Hmm this sounds cool.
House of Penance #2 Dark Horse Get this book it's most entertaining.
Future Quest #1 DC oh boy! this looks exciting, Just had to have it. (Space Ghost, Johnny Quest & a host of Hanna Barbers's characters, Get this book as it's destined to be awesome).
Mae #1 Dark Horse This will be a good book, Think Alice in Wonderland. A girl has been visiting a secret world for years defeating mad scientists & cruel monsters. After turning 21 she decided to return home. her sister Mae does not believe a word of it until they (monsters) come through into our world looking for her sister.

And the pick of the week... no.. Month no that's not good enough..."Year" Oh yeah! Penny Dreadful #1 Titan (now sold out at my LCS), Based on the show  (Victorian horror, The best horror) I do watch this & it's crazy awesome. Get it, Get it, Get it!

That's it my friends, Till next time...Enjoy!

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