Saturday, June 25, 2016

Chavo Guerrero's "Warrior's Creed" #1 Review

Chavo Guerrero's "Warrior's Creed" #1 from Lion Forge Comics -

     Chavo Guerrero, Jr. has wrestled his last match. After a grueling battle against the man-mountain, Adirondack, he receives devastating news: not only will he need yet another surgery, but this time, his career cannot continue. Heartbroken, Chavo says goodbye to the squared circle, to the arena, to thrill of battle. Professional wrestling is in his genes, it's a family tradition, it's his life's blood, it's been who he was for decades of his existence. Like a true warrior, Chavo keeps a stiff upper lip, choosing to look at the bright side - he will finally get to be the father that he never could be as a pro-wrestler. As Chavo prepares to make the best of his new life, he doesn't realize that dark forces are closing in on him and his family. A sinister group called The Fortune is hunting down members of the Guerrero family looking for an ancient power in their blood called, "The Hunter's Fury" - a power that gives it's possessor abilities far beyond those of a mortal warrior. Now, The Fortune has set its sights squarely on Chavo and his family...And they will stop at nothing...Dead or alive, they will have  his blood. 

   A new superhero emerges in...Chavo Guerrero's "Warrior's Creed!" 

   Comics legend Fabian Nicieza (co-creator of Deadpool) writes this comic that brings wrestling legend, Chavo Guerrero, Jr., to the world of comic books. This seems to be more than just a comic - it looks as if Nicieza and Chavo have been having some serious heart-to-heart discussions about things that have to weigh heavily on Chavo's as he gets older: his children growing up without him, mounting injuries, the arrival of the day when he'll never be able to wrestle again, and the fact that he wants his sons to follow their own paths in life, whether those paths lead then into professional wrestling (lucha libre), or not. The last one has to be tough, with a family whose name is synonymous with lucha libre. As a protagonist, Chavo is instantly likable, heroic and sensitive - I did not expect to be so enraptured by a comic book about a contemporary pro-wrestler. Eddie Nunez's art does magic for this comic - it is simply gorgeous. I love the straight-forwardness of the pencils and the characters that are just a bit exaggerated. 

  Chavo Guerrero joins the likes of El Santo, Blue Demon, El Solitario, Místico and other great luchadores who have been translated into comic book superheroes. Luchadores and superheroes go together like peanut butter and jelly. "Warrior's Creed" is a classic superhero origin story with a great protagonist, mysterious enemies, and an enigmatic, blood-based ancient power that I REALLY want to know more about because I have a feeling it will be linked to the Aztecs, and I LOVE Aztec-based mythology. This comic has heart, it's uncomplicated, and it is just a whole lot of fun. Fans of pro-wresting/lucha libre are sure to dig this book. Best of all, it's 100% A-OK for young readers. Sign me up for this one.

FUN FACT: Lion Forge Comics also published a Spanish-language version of this book (which I bought):


RATING: 8 out of 10! Lucharaaan!

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