Friday, June 17, 2016

"Mirror's Edge: Exordium" Vol 1 Review

"Mirror's Edge: Exordium" Vol 1 from Dark Horse Books -

     Faith Connors is one of the best runners - gifted athletes who use their speed, power and grace to do hush-hush jobs for anyone with the "scrip" to pay for their services. Whether it is industrial espionage, delivering or picking up secret packages, or even theft, the runners are the best at what they do. After the tragic death of her family, Faith was taken in by Noah, a legendary runner, who raised her and trained her to become the amazing runner she is now; however, Noah's overprotectiveness towards her pushes Faith to want to step out of Noah's shadow. When crime czar, Dogen, takes an interest in Faith and offers her a place in his organization in exchange for the last piece of art her mother ever created, Faith finds herself between a rock and a hard place. Either she betrays her friends and the man who is her father in every way but blood to get what she wants, or she does what is right at the cost of losing the last piece of her mother's legacy that exists in the entire world. 

     Either way, Faith will do what she does best: run, jump, fight, and let all hell break loose. Hopefully, her luck won't run out, as it usually does for those like her - those on the Mirror's Edge.

    Christopher Emgård scripts this high-octane, action-packed follow up series to the hit 2008 video game, Mirror's Edgecollecting all six issue of the 2015-2016 comic series. Faith is growing up, wishing to step out on her own, but still torn by the tragic loss of her family, and the loyalty she feels towards Noah, the man who has been like a father to her. In this story, Faith is really trying to find herself, and she is willing to go over, under, around or THROUGH any obstacle that stands in her way - Faith Connors is absolutely a wonderful protagonist with which to journey. "Mirror's Edge: Exordium" Vol 1 is a straight-forward action-adventure comic - like the video game, it does exactly what it was meant to do: thrill. Don't expect anything much deeper than that. Several artists have laid down some REALLY great artwork in this book, and they did a wonderful job with making this book ooze with with action. The world of the Mirror's Edge has been translated rather adeptly into comic book format with exceptional, kinetic and energetic pencils from about five different top-notch artists. After finishing this book, I felt like I needed a breather from all the running I did with Faith. "Mirror's Edge: Exordium" Vol 1 is a splendid, fun way to spend an hour of your life. Absolutely.

   My daughter is a huge fan of the video game (I love to watch her play it), and she loved the book as well - and so did I. This is a great bridge comic between Mirror's Edge and the long-awaited sequel, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, that was just released a few days ago - which my daughter has already BEGGED me to buy for her. If you love the video game, I'm sure you'll dig the comic.

RATING: 8 out 10.

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