Thursday, June 23, 2016

"Future Quest" #1 Review

"Future Quest" #1 from DC Comics -

    Dr. Benton Quest knows that something evil is punching its way into our universe, and he aims to stop it.

    Years ago, while working for Inter-Nation, Dr. Quest's wife was murdered by a saboteur's bomb. Now, he works in solitude, accompanied only by his young, adventurous son, Jonny, a brave, young Indian orphan he has adopted named Hadji, and Race Bannon, one of the world's best elite operatives, assigned to guard Dr. Quest against all attempts on his life. Having spent years studying vortices that an evil, extra-universal entity has been opening in our world, Dr. Quest calls on Inter-Nation to warn it of the grave threat. In response, Inter-Nation sends two of its top agents, Deva Sumadi, and one Ray Randall...Codename Falcon 7, a man who has a legendary secret identity. However, Dr. Quest isn't the only brilliant mind studying the vortices. Dr. Zin, head of a science-based terrorist organization named F.E.A.R is also studying the vortices, capturing samples of its power, and learning to bend it to his diabolical will. It looks like Dr. Quest's team is outnumbered and outgunned...until a black-masked man clothed in white appears wielding power-bands of unimaginable might. He is bent on stopping the evil entity at all costs...But is he a friend to our universe, or foe?

   Jeff Parker takes us more "mature" folks back to those halcyon days of our youth, when cartoons ruled the morning airwaves on Saturdays! "Future Quest" is a whole heap o' fun, lovingly resurrecting some of the greatest characters that William Hanna and Joseph Barbera ever blessed our young eyes with. Although some characters are just seen through vortices, others are center stage, like the Quests, Race Bannon, and Birdman. Best of all, we even get a thrilling glimpse into the tragic secret origin of he who is probably one of Hanna-Barbera's most recognizable creations: SPACE GHOST!! Evan Shaner and Steve Rude are rocking the pencils on this stellar adventure; and those pencils are pretty darn spectacular - it's like watching Saturday morning return in comic book form. Fans of the old cartoons will love this comic - and it is a great jumping-on point for those just discovering the awe-inspiring universe of characters that Joseph Barbera and William Hannah thrilled young minds with many years ago. This book is THE BOMB-DOT-COM, baby! I gots to have it.

RATING: An enthusiastic 10 out of 10. It makes me so happy to see the return of the bright, shiny heroes of those Hanna-Barbera Saturdays. Maybe these characters can show the modern American comics and TV animation industries what they are missing: fun, complex, engrossing series with GREAT artwork that CHILDREN CAN ENJOY which whisks them away, stimulating their imaginations with worlds of adventure.

That's right Cartoon Network. I'm talking to YOU.

Here's a look a the intro to Hanna-Barbera's World of Super-Adventure:

See what I mean?

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