Thursday, June 2, 2016

Weavers #1 Review

Weavers #1 from BOOM! Studios -

    In this world, the Weavers are the apex predators - top of the food chain. Guns, drugs, money, prostitutes and murder  - they run it all. Why? Because they are the baddest of the bad, a super-powered mafia, untouchable, feared by all. They are the possessors of symbiotic, supernatural spiders that give them powers, and a link, a connection to one another that cannot be broken. The master of the all is Don Harvest, the most powerful, the most ruthless, the most deadly. And he has just lost one of the few people in the world that he loves: his sister, the brains of the operation. She was brutally, mysteriously, murdered, and upon her death her spider left her body and sought out another - the new guy, Sid, a guy that no one fully trusts. Sid is different. Not fully under the spider's control, eager, inquisitive...traits the Weavers don't like. When Sid and Harvest's daughter, Frankie, are given the task of solving the murder of Sid's predecessor, he doesn't realize that his life is on the line - he is under the gun of the Weavers, and he also may be the possible target of whoever, or whatever killed his predecessor. Will Sid survive? And...Does he have plans for the Weavers all his own?

    Simon Spurrier writes this atmospheric, creepy tale of a world where all of the super-people just don't give a damn about anyone who isn't on their team. There is no one to stand between the helpless populace and the spider-possessed mutates that look like humans, but are anything but human. At first glance, Dylan Burnett's straight-forward, cartoony artwork doesn't look like it should work for a story with such weight, but Triona Farrell saves it with her eerie choices of colors, and great use of shadows. This book is essentially a genre-bender, I like those - it's a supernatural crime-noir with heavy elements of horror and mystery. The only issue I found is that I enjoyed the story, without really having any attachment to any character - not much is given to make us really understand nor care about Sid just yet. However, the story itself is very interesting, and it was mysterious enough to make me curious about where this could all possibly go. I'll definitely hang around for a few more issues for the journey, and to see if I can get into the characters a bit more. Not a bad showing for a first issue.

RATING: 7.75 out of 10. Spurrier's supernatural, crime-noir, mystery/horror tale is pretty cool, but the characters leave a bit to be desired. 

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