Thursday, June 30, 2016

She-Wolf #1 IMAGE

G'day all (been awhile, been busy...)
Well this is another odd book from image, The artwork is in a crazy abstract style. The back cover has a pentagram with a werewolf in the center that says alot as to what to expect.
Gabby is 18 yrs old & she is still at school, A wolf (werewolf) attacks her. She cry's out Brian over & over. Brian...the wolf scratches her across her right eye. 
The police corner the beast & she maddeningly jumps in front of it to protect it. The offices shot & killed it . She has dreams & visions she can't explain for a time (changing to a werewolf on a beach in front of her friends & then thinking she needs there flesh).

I liked this, Very thin book (not unusual for Image now'a'days) Written by & Drawn by Rich Tommaso. He did Dark Corridor (which i gave a dismal review), But this seems different. A much better book for sure, Has a huge "An American Werewolf in London influence"...If one hasn't watched that movie then sucks to be you!
Best part of this short book is she see's what the school counselor is really thinking when talking about her future in that institute (*quite uncanny to see, I have not seen that shown much in modern books at all). 
It says for mature readers only...But it's not that bad. If your a fan of the above mentioned An American werewolf in London or Underworld series then it's only for you...

Rating: 8/10.


  1. Well,

    I loved both American Werewolf In London and Underworld...I guess it's for me! Welcome back, Gil!! Thanks for a cool review!

  2. Thanks Tex! More reviews to come my friend.
    Oh! yeah they are both great movie's. The book is kinda odd, But to only the inexperienced. You'll now what i mean when you read it (if you do).