Sunday, June 4, 2017

America #1 Review

"America" #1 from Marvel Comics -

      Miss America, AKA, America Chavez, is a super-strong super-chica that can punch star-shaped holes in dimensions. She's been a member of several super-teams, including the mightiest team in the M.U., The Ultimates. However, with so many changes taking place in her life, America decides that the time has come to move on, to get back to her life, to pay more attention to her girlfriend, and to get herself a proper education. America's going to college...But not just ANY college! She's going to Sotomayor University, a forward-thinking, intergalactically-oriented, school for people who want to change the world. She meets up with her buddy, the ex-mutant genius formally known as Prodigy, in her first class - so despite a rough start, America's feeling pretty good about the situation. That is until her demanding teacher, Professor Douglas, gives out the insane first assignment that makes America feel way out of her depth. Prodigy and America decide to tag-team the problem using one of Prodigy's prototype inventions, but everything spins out of control and America ends up hurtling through time and the multiverse all cattywampus! Bienvenida a la universidad, America. School's in!

    Gabby Rivera writes "America" #1, a fun, light, and airy take on one of Marvel's best creations in the past ten years. Rivera fills issue #1 with great dialogue that both shows the depth of America's emotional damage and her amazing ability to overcome her past to give love and be loved. Rivera characterizes America as smart (with a helping of self-doubt), tough and willing to do anything for her friends - and they mostly give that right back to her. America seems to be the center of everyone's affections, the absolute star of the book. This creates a "je ne sais quoi" that makes her EXTREMELY magnetic, bolstered by Joe Quiñones' magnificent art and José Villarubia's bright, but nicely saturated color scheme. "Amerca" #1 is just gorgeous to look at and a book that is all types of fun to read. Sotomayor University is a nice touch, named, of course, after our first Latina Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor; and I also dug the nod to the oh-so-cool, sci-fi classic, "The Fifth Element" found in the pages of "America" #1. All in all, I loved this book. I loved the writing - the relationships that America has with her friends, her brave, and damaged heart. I loved the art (sometimes reminiscent of Frank Cho's work), the colors, the humor..."America" #1 is the bee's knees.

RATING: 10 out of 10.

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