Tuesday, June 13, 2017

TEX'S Variants, Autographs, and Oddities Episode 1

Hello, fellow Questers!!

    It's time for a change of pace as I hit ya'll with autographed comics, variants, and other oddities right from TEX'S very own long boxes! I've been meaning to start this up for quite a spell, but I've just never stirred up the gumption to see to it! But, consider my gumption stirred amigos - so let's skin this here smoke-wagon and see what happens!!

It's "The Plaid Avenger" #1 from NX Comics!

   You're thinking, "TEX...For reals?" Right? But heck yeah, I'm for reals! For years, Professor John Boyer, Department Chair of Geography at Virginia Tech, has been kicking butt in the classroom and finding new ways to get American students to be more aware of and active in all things global. From politics to pollution, John uses his teaching super-powers to get his students in the global game. Already using his alter-ego, The Plaid Avenger, in a series of nuanced textbooks that he and his "Plaid Team" publish, it was only logical that he make the leap to comics, so we could all benefit from his highly researched take on important international issues in our rapidly changing, very complex world. 

   "The Plaid Avenger" #1 was published by NX Comics back in 2008. It is a fun, cartoony, "edutainment" comic. In this issue, our hero, The Plaid Avenger, a well-mannered college professor by day, and globe-trotting superhero all the rest of the time, heads WAY up north to investigate the retreating permanent ice-cap, and what it means for the planet. Along the way, he tangles with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as our hero highlights a simmering territory dispute. 

   Fun and educational? That is TEX-TASTIC!!

  See ya later, Plaid Avenger! And HAPPY TRAILS TO MY FELLOW QUESTERS!!

PS: I just realized that I kinda started this series quite a while ago when I published an article on one of the RAREST ARTICLES in my collection. Click the link for a refresher! Adios!

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  1. I've got more than a few oddball bits and pieces, most of which will eventually surface in my own blog, like a comic book devoted to Currier & Ives, a full-length comic book based on the syndicated one-panel gag strip "Mr. Boffo" and a copy of "Archie Meets The Punisher" signed by artist Stan Golberg. And then there's the weird stuff.

    1. WOW!!
      That sounds great!! Please let me know when you start to showcase all the coolness of your collection - that's a blog I NEED to follow!