Monday, June 19, 2017

Malika: Warrior Queen

"Malika: Warrior Queen" #1 from YOUNEEK Studios -

     Since she was a youth, Malika has been enthralled by the martial arts, strategy, and the way of the warrior. Her mother, Queen of The Kingdom of Azzaz, impressed by her spirit, intelligence and skill, gave her to be trained under the watchful eye of one of Azzaz's mightiest generals, Abdul-Nasser. Now an adult, the reigning Queen Malika must put her bravery, skill, and mind to the test against a rebellion that threatens to tear her kingdom apart. It is a rebellion founded in her own family blood - it began in murder, and it just may end with the fall of an empire. In order to save The Kingdom of Azzaz, Queen Malika will face every danger to unite the people, and in the process, she just might become the greatest ruler and warrior that Azzaz has ever seen; and she will need to be all this and more. The rebellion is not the only threat; an enemy army approaches from a far-away land with malevolent intentions and an ancient magic sword...

     Roye Okupe creates and writes this sweeping epic of a ruler who must risk everything to save her murdered father's kingdom. Okupe has put on a clinic in world-building; his characters come alive in the reader's mind as he creates a fantasy world to weave his violent tale of jealousy, treachery, violence, and sexism with a protagonist that is honestly quite dazzling. I love tales like this in which the world seems familiar, or has shades of real recognizable history woven into a completely novel narrative just waiting to unfold. As fascinating as Okupe's world is, the protagonist, Queen Malika, really makes the story great; she is fearless, strong, and intelligent with a strong moral compass, and a burning desire to carry on her father's legacy by keeping The Kingdom of Azzaz safe and keeping her people free. I would absolutely love to journey with Queen Malika, share her adventures, and explore her world. The artist, Chima Kalu, is a master of drawing action, from one-on-one combat to epic military battles. It looks like YOUNEEK Studios might be a new publisher with a burgeoning "YOUNIVERSE" that has a lot to offer - new tales, new worlds, new heroes, new villains - Hey, I can dig that. And I am digging "Malika: Warrior Queen."

RATING: 10 out of 10.

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