Sunday, June 4, 2017

Noble #1 Review

"Noble" #1 from Catalyst Prime

      Astronaut, David Powell, is dead. The world watched him, and his team of heroic space cowboys, die, burn up in the Earth's atmosphere, over a year ago. His adoring wife, his young son, everyone beheld in horror as David and his brave astronauts made the ultimate sacrifice to save the world from destruction by a killer asteroid hurtling through space on a collision course with our little blue marble. The tears have fallen, goodbyes said, and then a year later...David returned. No one knows why and no one knows how. Not even David; his memory is gone. He wants to be left alone, but he cannot be. He has returned with powers that make him a living weapon. He is being hunted by a covert group that has at its disposal soldiers who have powers as well. David must run, he must fight, he must live to find out who wants him so badly and why. The past is coming for the man believed to be the resurrected hero, David Powell. It will not be denied, and it will have him once more...By ANY means necessary. 

    Freshman comics company, Catalyst Prime, is off to an amazing start with the science-fiction/fantasy actioner, "Noble" #1! Brandon Thomas begins building an impressive universe for Catalyst Prime in this first issue from the company. "Noble" #1 contains a captivating story that moves at a near-breakneck pace for nearly the entirety of the comic. The protagonist, David Powell, is a gentle, amnesiac that just wants to be left alone, but the past keeps coming for him. That makes him a very attractive character fighting to remain free in an impossible vertical struggle. Even though "Noble" is pretty great, there are very few characters to latch onto emotionally, so far. However, right now, David, and his wife, Astrid, more than make up for the lack of other memorable characters. Roger Robinson's artwork is simply awesome - expressive, cinematic and dynamic - this book is an eye-popper. If "Noble" #1 is an indicator of the quality of this new Catalyst Prime Universe, sign me up. This is going to be a fun thrill-ride. 

RATING: 9 out of 10. 

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