Wednesday, June 14, 2017

TEX'S Variants, Autographs and Oddities Episode 2

Hey-up, fellow QUESTERS!!

    I hope that you had a spiffy day - and I hope tomorrow is even better! Mine was pretty chill - I kicked it with the wife and daughter, watching TV and chatting until the sun went down. Priceless.

    Bu-u-u-u-u-u-t...Since my wife's occupied with her favorite reality TV show, I figured I'd take the time to beat a speedy retreat and get a quick article done for my fellow QUESTER chosen ones! So let's rock:

    It's the 2011 novel, "The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor," written by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga. This book relates the story of Philip Blake, his brother Brian, Philip's young daughter, Penny, and their two friends, Bobby and Nick, as they all try to stay alive in the zombie apocalypse. It is a really good story of love, loss, pain, and insanity...And how these things lead to the creation of The Governor, leader of Woodbury, one of the most frightening antagonists Rick Grimes and his group have ever faced. 

   So what's special about this book you ask? Well...

   This is not the regular hardcover, slipcase edition; this is the Limited Edition! It signed by Robert Kirkman himself and it is numbered because only 500 of these were ever produced! I am sure glad to have one of these in my collection - and even more happy that I ordered it in advance and got a special discount: I only paid $75. And yep, it's still sealed (I bought a cheap paperback to enjoy the story). 


FUN FACT 1 - This book reveals the origin for The Governor in the comic book series whose identity and origin is different from the Governor in the TV series. In the novel (which ties directly to the comic book series), The Governor is revealed to be Brian Blake, the brother of the deceased Philip Blake who was killed by his friend Nick. Philip had slowly gone mad after his daughter's (Penny's) death, and Nick had no choice but to end him; however, Nick was subsequently ended by Brian who took his brother's identity. In the TV series, The Governor is actually a still-living, still-deranged Philip Blake. 

FUN FACT 2 - In both the comic book series and the TV show, Philip Blake kept his daughter around after she died and became a zombie. 

FUN FACT 3 - This is Robert Kirkman's first novel. 

Happy trails, that's all for today, QUESTERS!! Night, night, sleep tight...Don't let them zombies bite!

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