Tuesday, June 20, 2017

TEX'S Variants, Autographs and Oddities Episode 3 (Thief of Thieves Variants)


    I hope that you are having a terrific Tuesday! Mine is fine as a delicious clementine! I will be back soon with more comics reviews that you won't get watching the nightly news, but I am loving this particular showcase, so I thought that I'd lay another cool variant on you in 3 -2 - 1...

    Here are my two, count 'em, TWO copies of Robert Kirkman's, and Nick Spencer's "Thief of Thieves" #1!! But these aren't just the regular editions, no siree, these here are two of the Image Expo Variant Editions sold only to those who attended the 2012 Image Expo. THESE ARE LIMITED TO ONLY 1,000 COPIES...AND BOTH OF MINE ARE SIGNED BY THE MAN HIMSELF: ROBERT KIRKMAN!!

    "Thief of Thieves" tells the story of Conrad Paulson, alias Redmond, the greatest thief alive at the present time. Paulson decides to retire to put his family back together, but instead, he begins another life of crime...Stealing from other criminals.

   Here's a little secret about ol' TEX: I don't like to pay full price for nothing - especially when it comes to key issues and variants that are Modern Comics (or Post-Moderns, or whatever Age we're saying we're in now). I have engineered many a deal when it comes to my comics collection, and these were no different. I copped these from a highly respected seller for only $25 each.

   Damn it feels good 2 B a gangsta. :-)

   These have cooled down quite a bit in the last few years, but I'm a patient man. Kirkman announced that a series was in development based on "Thief of Thieves" back in 2012. He said that it was to be aired on AMC, just like Kirkman's other hit show which evolved from the hit comic series of the same name: "The Walking Dead." Some have speculated that it won't happen, but I think it will. It took five years for "The Walking Dead" to make it to TV, and after the success of that show, you had better believe that Kirkman DEFINITELY has the ears of the executives at AMC. Just last year, Kirkman announced that the show was still in development - I can't wait to see how this show turns out.

  That's all for today my fellow Questers!! Happy Trails!

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