Sunday, March 20, 2016

Godsend #3 Review

Godsend #3 from About Time Comics -

     Austin Jackson is having a really rough go of it. He moved to the big city of Boston from his small home town to strike out on his own and make his way in the world. In the process, he became the wielder of a powerful mystical artifact, an ancient sword that gifts its possessor with the ability to see and defeat the demonic entities that are constantly spilling over into our realm. But demons aren't the only threat Austin must face. There are humans who want the sword as well. Who can Austin trust? The girl he's slowly falling for? His two highly trained, ex-military roommates? The talking demon who risked his life to warn him of coming danger? Austin better decide, and decide quickly because the forces of darkness are closing in about him, and if he is not ready, the world is doomed to eternal darkness. 

    But, hey, no pressure, right?

     Godsend was created by Lee Jiles, written by Peter McCleod, and drawn wonderfully by Oski Yanez. Godsend is a modern sword-and-sorcery tale populated by great characters - and almost all of them are not what they seem to be. The only character who seems to be an open book is Austin, the protagonist. It is his innocence, his openness, that keeps the story together. In a world of demons and people with hidden agendas, how is this country boy with a magical sword going to survive, let alone save the world? Godsend is just good, clean, fun for all ages; it is an action-packed story with some new unexplored mythology inspired by the Christian faith - but don't worry - there is no preaching nor proselytizing here - just high adventure in the big city. I could see this book hitting the big or small screen someday. Very cool.

RATING 8 out of 10. I have been with this series since issue #1, and I've enjoyed every bit of the ride. 

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