Saturday, March 5, 2016

One-Punch Man 01 Review

One-Punch Man from Shonenjump -

    Saitama always wanted to be a hero. Three years ago, he got his shot. In City Z, Saitama's hometown, Crablante, a humongous crab-monster, attacked the city, seeking to find a boy with a cleft chin that had offended him. Saitama jumped to the boy's aid, barely defeating the beast through willpower and sheer luck. On that day, Saitama vowed to become the hero he'd dreamed of being. Training day and night for three years, he became One-Punch Man - a hero so powerful, so invincible, that he can destroy any enemy with one punch. No monster can stand against him, which is a big problem for Saitama. He is REALLY bored. When he helps a cyborg kid defeat a mosquito monster, he puts himself squarely in the sights of the House of Evolution, a secret cabal of scientists who create monstrous threats to City Z. With cyborg kid, Genos, by his side, One-Punch Man gears up to take on the worst threats City Z has ever seen!

    This book is pure lunacy, and I mean it in a good way. It's a fun manga romp - a bit basic at the beginning, but by mid-book, I have to admit that this book became entertaining and very interesting. At first, the characters seemed to be simple and very one-dimensional, as is the story in the early pages, but the writer, One, did a great job of cleaning it up, fleshing out the characters and making it fun. Alternating between weird, simple, cute, and brutal,Yusuke Murata's art pops here. By the end, I was really feeling this book. Cool. If you like great, action-packed manga, this book is definitely something that will interest you. I'm hooked! And so is my thirteen-year-old daughter.

RATING: 9 out 10. One-Punch Man has made us some One-Punch Fans!!

FUN FACT: One-Punch Man has been adapted into a highly successful, and highly acclaimed anime.

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  1. Sweet, He will be the next big thing in the western world in the coming years.
    Is it in English Tex?

  2. It's totally in English.

    The first few pages were just over-the-top absurd, and, to me, really lackluster (besides the art), but when the better elements of the story were introduced, it morphed into a really interesting, very violent and, at times, mildly funny story.

    I think I might watch the entire anime.