Saturday, March 12, 2016

Snow Fall #1 Review

Snow Fall #1 from Image Comics -

    It is 2045. The Earth's climate has come crashing down, and the United States has fallen, repartitioned into corporation-supported "resettlement zones" that form the new Cooperative States of America. Hazeltyne is super-powerful corporation that backs the CSA, strengthening the nation, educating us and securing it from all threats, foreign, domestic or climatological in nature. Anthony Farrow is a brilliant student at the Cooperative University for Climatological Research in the now temperately climated New Cambridge, Massachusettes - and he's not drinking the Kool-Aid. Years ago, a man appeared that could make it snow. Labeled a terrorist by Hazeltyne, he challenged the authority of the corporate masters, those who had put profits above the lives of the citizens and the healing of the planet - the same cabal that collapsed the climate, and then profited from that very same collapse. Anthony aims to find this White Wizard, and to find out the truth. What Anthony finds may just mean the end for him.

    Joe Harris writes this this smart, edgy protest against corporate greed, the destruction of the planet and the curtailing of human freedoms. Martín Morazzo helps get the job done with funky artwork that sometimes reminds me a bit of Moebius' hand. This story is the star here, and while we are introduced to the protagonist, we have no idea of his motivations (the reasons behind his discontent), nor those of his hero, the White Wizard. The story starts, and the exposition offered throughout the story drives it along, which makes for a wonderful, captivating set-up, but doesn't give the reader much to latch onto inside the story itself. One thing is for sure, Harris has a lot to say, and this book is going to be his soapbox/pulpit. I dig that jazz. Power to the people.

RATING: 8 out of 10.

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  1. That one i did know about Tex! Lol.
    Did not pick it up as i am stretched at the moment. Nice review.

    1. I feel the same.

      Sometimes it is a hard choice between what to keep and what to let go of. There are just so many great comics out right now.