Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Samurai: The Isle with no name #1 (Titan Comics)

This had me worried, A epic read that was almost... to much!
The first 5-6 pages are right out of history, Fantastic. But it does lag when the dialog takes you away from the brilliant artwork. It's does get a little confusing, I had the impression that the wording just did not quite match with the artwork. (Sounds stupid i know). Jumping from scene to scene that seemingly has bits missing in between.

Only just kept me entertained, To much crammed in one book. Was also to much on the traditional side (to me it was written for those who are Japanese) Not westerners. But in saying that it was O.k. This is Part 1 of 2, I will get the next one just to see two samurai warriors duke it out.

Great depictions off classic Samurais, So much on some panels that one starts to think...Where's wally!!

Mature reading.
Rating: 7/10.


  1. Hmm.

    I love that cover. Let me know what you think about issue #2, then we'll see.