Sunday, March 6, 2016


Hey there brothers and sisters!

    Welcome back to the TEX attack! 

    Last week, my wife and I went to see Deadpool. I must say that is was an enjoyable, if mildly vulgar, experience. Ryan Reynolds deserves a big ATTABOY for following his vision and helping to serve up a blockbuster film on a budget of 58 million USD. I still can't believe that it's surpassed Captain America: Winter Soldier, which is, to me, the best Marvel film that has ever been made - yes, even better than Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers.

   Hey, to each their own.

   To mark the occasion, I thought I'd run out a few items from my personal Deadpool stash, for your visual enjoyment, making the first original art/back-issue mash-up on this here blog! Hurray for innovation. LOL!

   And away we go!


It's page 13 of 2009's Deadpool Team-Up #894, pencilled by Sanford Greene and inked by Nathan Massengill. Here's a better pic:
On this page, we have Xemnu, Morbius, The Living Vampire, The Punisher (Frankencastle), and Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool, looking extra-crispy without his mask on.

and, of course...

It's my copy of New Mutants #98. Published in 1991, it features the first appearances of Gideon, Vanessa Carlysle AKA Domino, and Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool

FUN FACT: In Marvel films, Deadpool has been portrayed by Ryan Reyolds, and in the newest film, Morena Baccarin portrays Vanessa Carlysle. 

FUN FACT: TEX loved Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, and TEX thinks that Green Lantern was a great film.

Looks like nutty anti-heroes like Deadpool and Harley Quinn are on fire. In truth, I don't get it at all, but I don't have to. People like what they like. Rock on!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I too didn't mind Green Lantern. It had it's good & bad points (as all movie's do).
    I haven't seen many Marvel movie's as of late, Any movie's lately for that matter. Only Star Wars.

    Nice OA Tex! Frankencastle Coool. (how do you store those things...)
    I don't have NM #98 not for Deadpool as you know. I do like Domino though she very cool indeed.
    But i will watch the movie when it comes out on DVD.

  2. You don't often go the movies, Gil?

    Are you far away from theaters, or just don't like the hustle and bustle of being around a bunch of people?

    Green Lantern sis have high and low points, but I don't get people calling it the worst superhero movie of all time. I don't think the latest F4 deserves it either. IMO, Marvel's F4 or Captain America from the 90s deserve those titles...Or maybe even the Justice League live action pilot from the 90s.

    Or maybe I just like GL and F4 because I'm not a stickler for canon. I dunno.

    I wonder if Domino will make her appearance in the Marvel Film Universe. That would be cool.

    Frankencastle was an AMAZING story arc. It kinda wowed me. I actually bought the OA because of Frankencastle - I was such a fanboy. I wish they did an animated movie for it. That would rock hard.

    I want to get my OAs framed, but most of them are stored in plastic inside big paper envelopes coated in bubble wrap. Framing is expensive. :)

  3. Yeah that Frankencastle story came out during my hiatus. A animated movie of him...Oh yeah!
    Not wrong about expensive framing $$$ :(, I have some stuff i'd like to frame (properly of course), But they'll have to wait for a while yet.

    I don't get to the movie as much as i used to Tex! Being a shift worker puts an end to that Lol.